My wife punished me last night for being a jerk to her earlier in the day before she left for work. I texted an apology to her which she accepted, but she also told me that she wanted to spank me when she got home. I agreed that I deserved it. When she arrived home I greeted her at the door with hugs and kisses and I love yous. "You're not getting out of it," she said, smacking me on the butt. She grabbed the waist band of my basketball shorts and led me to our room where she yanked them all the way down. My dick was already hard. She stroked it gently for a moment and then pulled on it, directing me across the room to the corner. She ordered me to put my nose in the corner while she got ready. I stood there obediently for about ten minutes or so while she cleaned up in the bathroom. When she returned she was wearing only the strap on and holding the wooden paddle. "Come here, " she commanded. I walked sheepishly over to her and she handed me the paddle. I stood there, naked from the waist down like a naughty boy, holding the paddle with both hands. She took the paddle and set it on the bed, squirted some of the lube into my hand and placed it on my penis. I began masturbating while she arranged the pillows on the bed. She watched me for a minute and then ordered me to bend over. "You're getting spanked." I obeyed, bending over the side of the bed where she had placed the pillows. She kicked my feet apart so that my balls were exposed from the back and gave me a series of swift spanks with her hand before picking up the paddle. "What's going to happen if you ever treat me like you did this morning?" She asked delivering a hard swat across both cheeks. "I'll get a spanking," I replied. She proceeded to administer about two dozen strokes to my bare ass before ordering me to slide myself up on the bed. I layed across the bed, adjusting the pillows so that my dick was positioned between two of them and my butt was sticking up in the air. She mounted me and applied a bead of lube down my butt crack, then spread my cheeks and rubbed it in, putting her finger in my anus. She spanked me with the strap on before using it ro penetrate me. Once it was in she began fucking me. I reached between the pillows and stroked myself while she rode me. "What else is going to happen if you treat me like that again?" She asked. "You'll do me in the butt," I answered. "You're goddamn right. Are you going to be a good boy now?" "Yes, ma'am." She continued fucking me until she came, then rolled over on her back. I got up, pulled the strap on off of her and climbed on top. She informed me that my punishment wasn't over and as soon as I came I needed to bring her the belt. She smacked my ass repeatedly as I fucked her and I orgasmed quickly. I lay on top of her, kissing her kneck, hoping she wasn't serious about the belt. But she was. "Go get it," she said. "Yes, ma'am."

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  • That's not punishment your enjoying every second of it, if I got hold of you you would know a very, very different type of punishment and leave paining like hell but you may wish to return for more after a month or so you would become dependant upon it xx

  • Tell me more

  • Was that chapter 1 of this fictional erotic story?

  • It's not fictional though

  • Can you send the wife around to me at my house in llanbradach I would like to get the same as you .then I teach her a lesson she never forget .as many people in school st llanbradach will tell you from their punishment at my house .I will enjoy it and sure your wife will be very grateful

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