I knew it was a bad move.

I am 48 and been married a long time and i really love my husband. yet over the last year iv really struggled to remain faithful.We have a big house and let a couple of rooms to students,mainly girls.Yet this year its been a couple of lads of 18 and 19 who both get on well together and are no trouble at all.At first i tried to ignore how nice one of them was to me when my husband was not around but for the first time ever i was struggling and i teased him a bit and ended up naked across his bed with him deep inside me.it was so gorgeous to have this young lad between my legs .

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  • I'm a 46yo married housewife. I walk at the local track regularly and met a guy who is 22. We walk together. What husband doesn't know is that we also fuck together at least twice a week. He makes me feel young again.

  • I am married woman as well. 43 years old and married for 21 years. I have been fucking our black gardener for the last 2 years. It started with me teasing him while he worked at our house. I would wear short skirts and small tops to see if he would look at me. It took several times but I finally caught him checking me out. Then I started leaving the blinds open and I would walk around inside the house topless. I guess he couldn't take it anymore because one of the times he knocked on the door. I pretended to cover up and he just grabbed me and started kissing me. I couldn't resist. I let him take me that day and once a week since then. He is a huge man with a very large penis and I can't resist him. I have never been pleased like this from anyone so I look forward to our visits.

  • I'm 31 married housewife with 2 small kids.Had a young man round to do my gardening and other bits over 2 weeks,he was 21.I made him lunch everyday and we talked.He must've liked how I looked cuz he started flirting alot.I enjoyed talking with him.By the second week my mind was wandering and tempting me and I became so horny I did something rather silly,I gave him a kiss on the cheek.He gave me a full on kiss on the lips.We started making out.The kids were playing in the lounge so he led me to the kitchen.I was stripped and he knelt and my pussy licked out and he turned me around spread my bum cheeks and licked.Soon I was lifted on the counter top and he dropped his jeans and fucked me hard.He was way bigger than my husband even for a 21 year old.I held onto him as he fucked me and had to muffle my moans in his neck so the kids didn't hear.I came hard and he groaned and came inside me,I actually felt his orgasm.Mine was the best I've ever had,the first of many more.I became a naughty mum.

  • Yummy!!!

  • Nothing like a hot wife getting some hot young cock and her knowing his young seed is deep inside of her.
    Look around people it’s happening more and more

  • Don’t stop. Your face is probably glowing and you don’t even know it.
    My wife 46 worked with a young intern who worked right next to her.
    She would tell me about how hot he was and how he flirted with her. She and her friend were invited to Birthday happy hour and she wound up blowing him that night. Immediately she came hone and told me how it made her feel so good.
    His cock was bigger and he had a more huge explosive load than me. We had sex until the wee hours of the morning talking about him and her

  • In my early 20s working away from home I boarded with a married couple who were in their 50s. He spent little time at home and she was always alone and looking for someone to talk too. I was there for probably two months before she started openly flirting .One Saturday after her husband had gone I noticed she had removed her robe and her night shirt was pretty reveling . Her nipples stuck out hard against the fabric and it clung to her ass from behind. She made sure to stretch in front of me more than once pulling the fabric tighter against her tits and this little game of hers was turning me on.

    That morning I finally got up from my chair grabbed her hand and lead her to my bedroom. The whole way she kept saying "she couldn't, she was married I was to young, she was to old" but as soon as that door shut and I started kissing her she was more than willing. We spent the morning in bed and spent many more days having sex when her husband was gone . Many nights I was treated to a blowjob or a quick fuck while he slept in a chair in front of the tv. She was shy at first but once she opened up she couldn't get enough.

  • Yes. Good girl. Get what you need. His stamina should keep you busy.

  • Enjoy it!!! You already took the lid off the cookie jar so have more of that stiff young dick.

  • Thank you xx

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