Office Parties, 2018!

Women who never cheat otherwise will do so at the office Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Again this year, bulls will be out ready to test your wife’s resolve. If she has been with you for years, she’ll enjoy the compliments, and her mind will race. She’ll wonder what to do about the bull’s advances. Will your wife tell you she’s been hit upon? Not likely.

Bulls are good at catching their prey. They know that after a few drinks, your wife is feels relaxed and having fun. They know that being desired feels nice to her, and they’re well practiced in dishing out compliments or outright propositions. They’re very good at putting your wife in a new situation with a sudden dilemma. Bulls know the exactly buttons to push if she likes him she will, at the very least, play along with him, enjoying his advances.

Bulls are well endowed, well prepared and very persuasive. They know wives love to feel wanted, and that inevitably, they’ll end up spraying loads deep inside at least one wife the night of the party. Mating is an art for bulls, and it’s hard for wives to turn down their advances. Bulls have the advantage in that they’re on their ‘home turf.’ They also know in advance what they’re going to do. They’ve seen and done it many times.

If your wife is pretty and nicely formed, the bulls will be on her. Office parties are the bulls’ home turf. And they have the advantage of knowing in advance what they’re going to do. They’re going to make this seem very natural. They know that nothing is gained by refusing them. Mating is an art for bulls, and it’s hard for wives persistently to turn down their long-perfected advances. They intend to ply their skills until your wife wants nothing more than to open her legs for him.

What experiences do you have that elaborate on office parties?

If interested, check out last years post:

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  • This post has a sinister ulterior motive. It is not to warn men of a 'real' threat, but rather to instill paranoia, create mistrust issues and harm relationships. The objective would appear to be to encourage husbands to forbid and prevent their wives attending any office parties unless accompanied by them. This is not f*cking Saudi Arabia !.

  • I look forward to our holiday parties every year. I work in a law office as a legal secretary so our party is all lawyers and judges. Spouses are not allowed to attend so my husband stays home with the kids every year while I go to the party. Every year for the last 8 years me and another secretary get gang banged by every guy willing to participate. We both know what is coming at the end of the evening so we stay until the party dies down to just the guys that know what will happen. This year was the best yet. Between the two of us girls we were fucked by 23 guys. I love it so much I can't wait to get there. My husband has no idea that I do this and he will never know. After the party each year we return to our professional lifestyles. Next year's party won't be here soon enough but I will have to wait until then to have the best night of the year

  • My girl used to attend these parties solo.
    She was making awesome money. She was sucking one particular attorneys cock all the time. She knew he had a pretty wife. She loves men in suits. Then she started off with another attorney. She was going out and getting so much cock I was constantly being left out. She spoiled me and as long as I kept my mouth shut she was in love with their cocks. She used to tell me how she couldn’t wait for everyone to leave the office.
    She liked how Dennis would lock the door behind her and she would drop to her legs and please him. She was impressed with his much larger cock than mine and he would dump his load in her doggie and that was her biggest turn on how long he could last and pound her. She is very attractive and gorgeous but most of the attorneys are married.

  • I had enjoyed myself quite a bit at our holiday party and for some reason I wanted to go up and look at my patent award again. I was very proud of it and just wanted to see it in the display case again. I was walking down thru the cubical farm and stopped because I thought I heard some moans of pleasure, I froze in my steps listening then heard it again. It was definitely the sound of a woman and I looked in the direction of it but could not see anyone. I walked slowly and heard a few more sounds then finally saw them in one of the manager cubes which had glass fronts on them. I could see her sitting in a chair with one foot up on the desk and the other leg just up, her legs were spread out and there was a man kneeling on the floor with his face pressed onto her pussy. I could not tell who the man was but it did not look like the same one who occupied the cube and the woman worked on the 2nd floor in the purchasing dept. I kept my distance back from the office a few rows and watched them have sex for about fifteen minutes, she ended up mostly naked but he only undid the front of his pants when they screwed. She ended up bent over the desk with him behind her, it was quite the erotic scene to watch.

  • When I was in my twenties the work environment was nothing like it is today and I was one of about five women that worked on the executive floor. I remember one of the vice presidents asking me if I had a dress for the Christmas party and I told him no, I truly did not have one and I was just planning on wearing my best work outfit. Later on he stopped by and gave me an envelope with $600 cash in it and told me to be sure and buy one that showed off my lovely top half well.
    I bought one that did indeed show off plenty and two of them kept making sure my drink was always fresh and wives were burning holes in my back with their stares. I went home alone that night but truly had a great time feeling like I had done something really naughty.

  • I was a PA last year for this big insurance company’s director, at our xmas party last year is where it all started with me and my boss. i guess it was the power that turned me on, being single i thought why not? few months later hes taking me on all these trips away, screwing me in hotel room after hotel room. never needed to go on these trips i guess i was just his sex toy he packed with him. it was great fun but i did feel bad as he had wife and kids. being bent over his desk getting screwed next to his family photoframe didnt feel me with much pride. just as i started to get bored things got more exciting with him sharing me with other managers and directors. a two day trip away consisted on travelling, them going off to do work stiff while i waited in the hotel room getting myself ready for the 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 men to return, old enough to be my dad or even grandad. the sex turned more into me being a pleasure socket for them, by now i have given up my anus for them and never was a condom used. knowing that at 22, i was only being used for sex, getting sandwiched between guys in their 50s. all cheating on their wives etc, how many other girls have they fucked? no protection at all so i could catch anything really. it was hot at first having my boss cum inside me while snogging my face off but now i had old wrinkled fat guys pushing down on me, pulling my hair cuming in my ass and not even knowing my name.
    i got out, enjoyed it while it lasted and now work elsewhere, happy and with a boyfriend who i wouldnt dare tell what things i have done

  • It's been about 15 years, but at our holiday party I walked into the restroom and saw one of my female coworkers screwing another worker's husband. I didn't tell any supervisors, but others saw it too. The word got out. She got fired a month later, apparently for work performance, but we all knew it was because she screwed at the party.

  • I went to my husband’s holiday party. It was in a big banquet hall kind of place. Everyone was pretty drunk. I started chatting with my husband’s boss at the bar. He was really sexy, and we were flirting pretty hard. He got really close to me to tell me something, and I felt his hand go up the front of my skirt. He actually put his fingers inside my panties slid them between my pussy lips. He smiled and whispered how wet I was. Next thing I know he’s pulling me in to a coat closet and he fucked me standing. No condom, just fast and hard until he came inside me.

  • Did u enjoy it? what were u wearing?

  • I loved it! I was wearing a cocktail dress and heels

  • Never forget the party in '07, me topless giving blow jobs in some managers office. Everyone thought I was drunk, I was just really horny and wanted to have some fun.

  • That's fuckin hot

  • How many guys did you suck? Did you turn anyone down? Were their wives also at the party?

  • The whole "bull" thing by the OP is idiotic.

  • Agreed. I think its more the alcohol that gets their inhabitions lowered and makes it easier for the women and men to hook up with a co worker. The only time I have ever cheated on my husband was with a co worker at a Christmas function. It wasn't because he was this god of a man honestly he was the type of guy that usually fades into the back ground .It was because I had a few to many drinks, admittedly, he was funny and had me laughing and asked me to join him in his car to smoke a joint. I hadn't smoked in years but out I went. If I was in a good mood before that I was in a great mood after we smoked that joint. He asked me for a Christmas kiss and before long I was laying across the seat sucking his cock . He asked if he could fuck me and we moved to the back seat . He pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties down my thighs just enough to get at me from behind. He fucked my hard and fast while I stroked my clit to an orgasm. When he asked if he could cum in me I had enough sense to say no. He pulled out and I finished him off orally. We went back to the party and I later caught a cab home to my husband .

  • Did you regret it?

  • Like the OP said, women who never cheat at other times do it at office Christmas or New Years parties. A few drinks, relaxing, feeling good and the rest is history. You agree with the post calling out the OP; but other than the guy being more retiring than aggressive, your experience confirms the OP' point.

  • Wow, did your hubby get a kiss the moment you walked in ? That would have been hot

  • Not really...its about right.
    they mount
    they fuck
    they get off
    they are gone
    all in a space of a few minutes

  • People need to be careful at these things. My husband and I, we're in our 40's, went to my company's party last Friday. They sat us 6 to a table (maybe 200 there), and among those sitting with us was another coworker and his girlfriend, who were early 20's. They were a cute couple and we enjoyed chatting, though I could tell my male coworker was drinking a lot.

    There was always music going on, so we danced. My male coworker asked me to dance, and I said sure. My husband even danced with his girlfriend. No big deal, except my coworker pressed up against my tits a little too much, and had his hand a little too firmly on my ass. He asked for a holiday kiss, and I gave him one, even though his breath reeked of long island iced tea. I had to block his tongue. I had to stop it when he whispered that I looked hot, and I told him to save those words for his girlfriend.

    This week things were back to normal, he's fine, he was just drunk at the party, but I know he wanted to dick me if he could. It changes how you think about someone, you know?

  • I had a similar situation at our office party with a man I work pretty closely with on a daily basis . I'm in my forties he is in his early thirties ,both married. Things started out normal enough with us introducing our spouses and normal conversation through dinner. The longer the night went on and the more he drank ,the more he tried to keep me on the dance floor or get me separated from my husband and his wife. At one point he came back from getting a drink and asked I come with him as he wanted to introduce me to one of the other sales managers from a different branch. He walks me to the other side of room, the lights are dimmed, the music is playing , people dancing and the next thing I know he has me pressed against the wall trying to shove his tongue down my throat while squeezing my ass with one hand and the other wrapped around my back.

    I was able to break away from his kiss and was like " what was that all about?" He was still pressed against me as he apologized telling me he was sorry he just couldn't help it and that I turn him on . I told him I needed to get back to my husband and you need to get back to your wife. He tells me he wants one more kiss . At this point he had my wrist in his hand and I didn't want to cause a scene so I told him fine one kiss. As he kisses me he pulls my hand right down to the front of his pants and rubs it against his hard on. He then tells me there is a small room off to the side we can have more privacy in. I told him it wasn't going to happen, he wasn't going to fuck me and realized his whole time he still was rubbing my hand against his dick. He then tries to convince me to just give him a blowjob because I got him hard rubbing his cock. I finally tell him I have to get back to my husband and he needed to stop. My husband and I left shortly after that.

  • Cont. On the ride home my husband tells me he thinks Jeff has a thing for me. Then askes if there is anything he needs to be worried about. I told him not to worry, Jeff is just a friendly guy and he is like that with everyone. I'm not sure he was buying it and even said he notice him rub my ass a few times dancing. I made excuses saying he probably just forgot he wasn't dancing with his wife ,he stopped as soon as I mentioned it to him.
    It's been a little awkward at work since the party but to be honest it was a pretty good boost to my ego knowing I could still turn a good looking guy on that is 10 years younger than me. My husband also got a surprise when we got home that night. I was pretty turned on replaying the night in my mind on the way home and went at him the minute we walked through the door. And yes I may have been thinking of someone else as I sucked his dick but that's my secret.

  • Kudos to you.. I'm sure it was tough to resist..

  • That’s awesome. I tell my wife to pretend she is sucking off a hot stranger kind of like our young waiter or guy at a club we just met. She loves it and it shows with all the extra places she reaches

  • Unfortunately 99% of all office parties I've been to have been really tame and even boring. However, years ago I went to one that was held in the atrium of our building, and I needed to take a leak and had to pass some conference rooms down the hall, away from the main party. In one of the rooms, one of our attractive female underwriters was on all fours sucking another coworker's dick. He was married, she wasn't. Her panties were off, and her thick, puffy lips were in full view. Other than my wife's, I hadn't seen another woman's pussy in real life since before I got married 13 years earlier.

    I said hello, since I was friends with both of them, and asked her if I could touch. She laughed and said sure, and I fingered her for a minute or two, she was really wet and aroused. I had to stop and get back to the party, though, because my wife was out there and would get suspicious if I was gone too long.

  • Firefighters throw a great holiday party, my husband was at the party with us, I had some of the other firemen distract him while I was in the bathroom getting plowed out by two of his buddies, and had another one stand outside the door to block.

  • And he had no knowledge whatsoever?

  • Nope. None whatsoever

  • The last time I went to an office Christmas party was last year, before the company closed down, after a night of just drinking and dancing, my niece and I decided to go upstairs to a room with these 2 guys, they took turns fucking us, our husbands were calling and we didn't care. My niece and I worked for the same company. My niece was on the pill but I wasn't, had to get the morning after pill. The thought of a condom wasn't even mentioned.

  • Wasn't that awkward?

  • Last year i disappeared with the sales director after our xmas party. he travels and stays in a hotel all week as he works because he live so far away. he is married and that didnt bother me last year nore did it this year, i dressed a suggestive as i could towards his taste and it paid off, we didnt leave his hotel until he had fucked me on every piece of furniture in there. once again it was agreed to be a one off and when we go back in the new year, nothing will be mentioned again. roll on next year again

  • I love work Xmas parties I always hook up with a cute young or older single or single divorced great looking older female, many times it is a one night stand as I always have a hotel or motel room nearby however I also get requests for further sex but will only do that without strings attached and they have to be on birth control and take a morning after pill that I supply and watch them swallow it.
    Xmas parties can help me with regular sex throughout the year.

  • Every year I ask my husband if he wants to go to my works Xmas party and every year he says no. So every year I stay in a room with my "friend" from work

  • Tell us more ;)

  • I work for a big company, and our regular holiday party is pretty normal. The crazy stuff happens off-site at a local hotel afterwards. Every year there are a few employees who take collections from invitees for so-called "post-party holiday team building," which is code for food, booze, and hotel rooms in which to be naughty. There's usually a dozen or two people that go, mostly single types, but some married ones too. I've never gone to one (happily married & faithful), but the stories that come back to the office the next workday are wild.

    The secretary who works our front desk had a baby this year, and though she doesn't talk about it, rumor has it that she got knocked up by one of our managers at last year's party. People saw them tango hard. . . .

  • So true. When white women see black guys at first they give them a vibe we never catch but the black guys do.
    The more the white women drink the less they care who’s around and start the eye flirting. Before long both are leaving same time and then hook up
    It happened to me when I first met my girl we went to a party.We went about our ways at the party to mingle.
    Before you know it she’s left the party with a black guy there. Yup I saw her getting in his car.She had no idea and texted me she looked for me to say she was ready to go and got a ride from a friend.

  • My only time cheating was with a man I had never met before at an office party that my husband couldn't make it to because he had to work. He was flirty, and fun. And very take charge And he talked me into trying cocaine with him. Went back to his hotel room late. He fucked me in so many different ways. He had me all over the hotel room. He was extremely dominate. It felt like we fucked all night long. Take a break here and there but then would be back at it again.

    I told my husband I spent the night at a work friends because I couldn't drive home. I felt so guilty but the sex had been amazing. I didn't see him again until the next years holiday party. Found out he was a manager from another branch. He didn't say a word to my husband. Just shook his hand with a grin, gave him compliments about me and went on his way.

  • Had that happen to me, turns out he was my bf's brother. We met up a few more times after that and before the wedding. Hubby doesn't know til this day

  • Fuck ! What was the cock comparison?

  • There was a pretty big difference. He was bigger than my husband

  • Excellent! And was the obvious size discrepancy make this more erotic for you? Do you think his being so well-endowed made his 'dominance' more real and complete?

  • Well it was certainly more erotic being with a man that was bigger. I dunno if him being bigger completed that dominance or encouraged it. But he certainly held all control in the moment he met my husband. I will never forget the grin he gave us. Like he knew he had the power because he had his cock down my throat.

  • 'he certainly held all control in the moment he met my husband.'

    Very telling! It's quite amazing how dominant men can dominate not only women but the lesser men attached to those women. It's like they know that they're supposed to step aside as nature takes its course.

  • Not so much as an office party but this year we went out for a meal and drinks after and all departments from my company mixed. me and two others from the shop floor where lucky enough to have one of the office girls from the top floor in our hotel room all night. recently married and in her 30s she proved herself to be rather wild with us. i doubt she will be looking down on us again, after all it all ended with us looking down on her

  • My fiancée is very beautiful. She has a fit body, firm breasts, a nice ass, and a virgin pussy. She’s never had sex with me or anyone else.

    As a cuckold, can you guess what I really, really want to happen?

  • I'm not a cuckold. So, no.

  • “Bulls are good at catching their prey.”

    Bulls are herbivores.

  • Fallacy of equivocation. 'Bulls' reference two different entities here.

  • Duh. The herbivore line is better.

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