Sharing my wife with old men

My wife and I are both 42, she’s a milf type with a mom body, nice legs and hips, and tits and a pretty face. When we started opening up our marriage after our son went off to college, we played with people our age but it got kind of out of control with jealousy. We tried younger couples and it was very hot having sex with younger hotter couples but they’re hard to find. My wife’s parents are old, in their late 70s and live in a senior community on a golf course. I love golf, so I play there as often as I can using their access. When I’m golfing, my wife likes to go to the golf club and sit at the bar and flirt with the old men. These guys are old golfer types, and they’re very inappropriate with their comments and flirting. They’re from another era where patting my wife’s ass as she walks by or calling her sweet tits or sweet cheeks is the norm. The first time I came in and found her with a group of 4 old fuckers, she was sitting in the lap of an old geezer who had his hand on her butt and was hold her hand. They had got her tipsy and were really talking her up.
My wife and I started talking and came to an agreement that she could play freely alone with the old men, I am not jealous because she doesn’t want a relationship with an old retiree she just wants sex and to be adored. And these guys adore her, she’s the sexiest thing they’ve been able to flirt with in decades.
She said it was weird and took her time to get used to it, she closes her eyes and makes out with these old dudes. She says they’re usually so gentle and kind, they touch her very gently and she likes it. She doesn’t like the aggressiveness of young men. I make fun of her for sucking old men’s dicks and licking their nuts. She loves it, she said “they haven’t had their dicks sucked in years or some have never had a blow job at all, and some have never had anyone swallow their cum”. She even lets them fuck her ass because “they’re so gentle and go slow, and most of them have never done anal ever, it’s such a turn on to be their first ass”.
It’s been 2 years now since she’s been getting fucked by boomers.

Jul 19
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    • Me and my wife experimented into the swinging lifestyle,we were finally living on our own since the kids had moved out, we started going to swinging clubs and we both found it amazing, we liked meeting older couples my wife in particular,she got off with having sex with the husbands who were old enough to be her father! Karla was on the bed one night being pleasured by two older men,karla then started sucking their cocks! Another older guy came into the room and began to watch playing with his cock! Karla moved to the side of the bed and saw the guy watching! Omg she gasped! Bloody hell karla is that you! The man watching was her uncle John! The two other men carried on touching her body! Alright Sean he said to me realising I was there too! One of the guys grabbed karla's head and pulled it towards his cock! She tried to push him back but then had the other guys cock pushed towards her mouth! Arnt you full of surprises karla her uncle said to her! Karla seemed to relax and smiled as she sucked both cocks! One guy pushed her forward over the bed and slapped her arse cheeks, he started fucking her as the other guy kneeled on the bed infront of her putting his cock in her mouth! John stood beside me with both of us wanking our cocks! Fuck her pussy good boys! The first guy came inside her pussy then moved aside for the other guy to fuck karla!cum was dripping from her and her uncle John laughed saying how hot her pussy looked before the second guy put his cock in karla, John moved slightly forward telling the guy to fuck her cunt ,karla turned her head seeing her uncle , fuck me she said wickedly, he came inside her too,karla turned around and sat on the bed laid back and opened her legs! Look at that John said as two lots of cum leaked out of her hairy cunt!

    • We are both in our mid-40s but I have ED problem and she wants sex at least twice a week. She has still a ripe body with ample pair of boobs and broad ass cheeks. I don't want to make her unhappy and so I allow her to invite young men of her choice and have sex at home. At my advice she brings in young men of 25-35 age bracket. I move to another room and let them fuck. Often out of curiosity, I cannot but watch them secretly. Once her partner leaves I jump on her to lick clean of her pussy awarding her with another additional orgasm. Then she sucks my almost limp cock.

    • I wish you a very interesting to be both of your foot slsve

    • Fantastic! Would love to hear more detail. Does she let them cum inside her? How many of these men has she had sex with?
      Your wife is making the world a happier place. I hope I'm fortunate enough to know a woman like her when I get to be that old!

    • She’s careful about protection, but if she’s been with man a few times she’ll let him cum inside her. She’s been fixed so she can’t have kids, I’ve told the guys don’t worry about having to use condoms with my wife. She’s been doing this for a couple of years, it’s been maybe 10 men so far that have had sex with her, but she’s given blow jobs to more. These men really make her feel appreciated, she says they kiss her very gently and are so nice and pour compliments on her. She’s the hottest piece of ass they’ve seen in decades, and most of these guys were married to women who weren’t taking it up the ass or swallowing cum.

    • That's wonderful! Thank you for replying. How does she enjoy the sex? Do any of them make her cum? Do any particularly stand out?

    • She enjoys the sex, that’s why she keeps doing it. Her real turn on is flirting and being flirted with, which gets her hot and bothered. Early on in our marriage, I knew she was a flirt and she’d go out and come home to me horny as hell and tell me about flirting with guys, dancing etc. I was turned on and told her she could take it further. She really loves being the center of attention and having men adore her, what woman doesn’t? Of course she likes the sec, what woman doesn’t like new dick, it’s like what man doesn’t like new pussy. Well in her case it’s old dick lol. A couple stand out in particular, one took her on a weekend getaway and the other really liked to wine and dine her. He’d take her out to eat and shopping and to the movies, it was basically her boyfriend for a few months. I went out with them a few times, at her request, she would get dolled up for him, he liked high heels and skirts, and she’d dress up sexy for him. It was fun being a third wheel on their dates, they’d hold hands and kiss, she’d sit on his lap, and he’d treat her like his girl. She’d tell him “I’m yours tonight”. He got a little too close and wanted her to move in with him, she refused but they kept meeting up for dates and I stopped going. He got possessive with her, and she’d have to tell him “my pussy is yours tonight, but I’m married”. He bought her a ring, and she didn’t accept it, and his daughter who is about my wife’s age got really angry when she found out about their relationship. She still goes out with him sometimes, just recently they went to a wine bar, she wore a skirt and high heels, and no bra with a tight tank top for him. She came home with no panties, she said he kept them and hung them on his rear view mirror. He told her to take them off on the way to drop her off after he fucked her at his place. He likes a full bush, so she’s kept it full for him. He likes to take pictures of her with an old film camera which he gets developed.

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