First cream pie

I never imagined I would do this. I’ve always read about it. Never considered I would even go through much less confess about it. I ate and tasted my first cream one on vacation. We met him at the bar and my wife was totally hot for him. We invited him over to our room room and I watched as they deeply having sex.
When he finished she was like in a trance. He wore her out and the more I thought about it I came to the conclusion I had never been able to do what he did or even come close. He was in deep. I mean deep! I know he was hitting spots I had never been able to and the words and moans had us both beyond excite. As she lay there she whispered for me to go down on her. I knew she was still on fire when she told me to I know it’s what you’ve really wanted all those years... it’s ok it really wasn’t but she wanted it so without messing up the perfect night I started eating her clit and while I did this she rode my face so I tasted both of their juices. After about 10 minutes she explodes and with all her strength she pushes my head to her Pussy and locks my head with her thighs. After this she whisperes to come up there and kiss her

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  • I would love to fill your wife up for you to clean up.

  • There are 2 occasions I know I've done this.Before I got married to my wife,we were just friends with benefits and she was still fucking her ex.Then we got serious and decided to start a relationship.One night during the week we first got official I think she paid her ex one last visit and when she got back we started getting busy.I went down on her,she was so wet and quite gaping and I tasted something which I later realised was cum.At the time I wasn't sure and just ate her right out.5 years later we went through a separation and during the days trying to patch things,we fucked a few times.I ate her out a few times and one time I tasted cum.She had probably gone to see her ex again while we weren't together.We're all good now back together but I'm always wondering if she would go fuck behind my back again,truth is I want her to and would love to watch and eat her afterwards.

  • The first one i had was a chick from a party. I knew she fucked my buddy Kelly when she came back upstairs from his room once the party had died. I was the only one left, I was really good friends with Kelly, and was just going to crash on his couch. Wanting to leave, she called a cab and asked me to wait outside with her. She was still horny and wanted me to go home with her in the cab. Clothes were flying off once we got back to her place.

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    I dont know what came over me, but I found myself kissing my way down her body. She tried to stop me, and I asked her if she had sex with Kelly. She denied it. Then I asked her if she didnt like oral sex. She said she did, but just wanted to be fucked. I told her I wasnt going to do that until I licked her pussy. Her legs parted slightly, and I slid down until I was faced with the wettest pussy I had ever seen.

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    As soon as my tongue caressed her lips, I could feel her legs spread wider and wider. I stopped and just gave her a smile, and said, "you DID fuck him, you slut" before diving right back in and giving her a series of shaking orgasms. She got really into it telling me to lick "her" cum, with us both knowing full well it was Kelly's cum I was lapping up

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    When we finally did have sex, i was whiskey dick drunk and hard, but couldn't cum. I ended up asking her to blow me, and I wound up basically jerking myself while she sucked until I finally erupted. She gave me a dirty look when I was cumming, and instantly leaned over and literally spit my load into my shocked mouth. She didn't want me to stay over, so I did the walk of shame home. That night has definately stuck with me, and made me question some stuff

  • I could never do it, or even with my own. I’ve tried going down on her after I’ve cum to see what it’s like and I cannot. I usually just lick the outside lips and clit, and maybe give a quick tongue inside just to push myself but I cannot just eat it.

  • After l cum l have zero desire to eat a load.... before l cum l would be thrilled to swallow 10 loads being shot right in my mouth.

  • My husband loves watching, but never licks me after. But that might be because he wants as much in there to get me pregnant. Whatever I wouldn’t like it

  • More to this, I do have sex with her after she’s been cream pied, no problem. It feels extra squishy and silky. Used cum filled vagina is amazing. But, even better, is cream pied anal. The vagina feels very loose and doesn’t give much friction with a cream pie which feels great, but the butt is tight but easier to enter and silky smooth. Anal cream pie is harder to achieve, I get that, my wife’s only allowed it a handful of times, but it is the absolute best for seconds.

  • Nice, I want that so bad from my wife!

  • Lucky Dog!

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