Pretending to be passed out

I pulled the passed out bit on my step son years ago, he was around twelve or thirteen. We had thrown a really fun party for new years eve and my husband passed out right after midnight, I was in the living room sitting in a chair relaxing after cleaning up the big things like food and drinks after everyone left. I was wearing a fairly short skirt but had on a holiday sweater, I heard him coming down the stairs and thought if he sees I am awake he is going to start talking to me and never get to sleep so I pretended to be passed out. Suddenly I felt something on one of my breasts and found it oddly exciting that he would want to feel me up, he did the same thing sort of poking me a little to see if I was awake. I laid there wondering just how far he would go so I played it up a little more and let my mouth drop open a little and kept on breathing normal.
He began trying to feel for my nipple but with the bra I had on he was not really doing much, it was really hard to just lay there because it did tickle some. His next move was to lift up the front of my skirt, I was wearing nylons that had a cotton liner so all he was going to see was my thighs and some pubic hair if anything. I am sure he got a great thrill from that first time and the next time we had a really late party a few years later and I took off my bra and underwear and played the same trick on him.
He got really brave and was actually rubbing the top of me right at my clitoris and for part of it his finger was on it. I moaned out a little and rearranged myself hoping this would end it but he was pretty persistent and I felt his hand going back up my skirt. I thought about it and decided to give him plenty of access to me so after a few more minutes of his feeling around I began moving around again and ended with one leg bent up on the arm of the recliner and the other straight out. I could feel the cool air of the house on me so I knew he had a great view of me let alone able to touch me from bottom to top.
It did not take him long after I began breathing hard again with a little light snoring for good measure, I felt his finger slide right along the base of my ass cheeks and then onto my lips. His finger was lightly stroking me up and down while I laid there thinking, oh crap I am going to start getting wet from this if he keeps it up. He kept it up and soon I could feel his fingers gliding along my lips quite easily, he would slide his way to the top and light circle my clitoris then go back down over and over. It was actually feeling really great so I did my best to just lay there and not react to it until finally several minutes later he stopped and I thought well he sure got a thrill this time and then I felt his finger touching my nipple thru my shirt. I cannot take much of that because they are sensitive and most of the time it tickles way to much to stay still. I could feel my nipple getting moved around now as it became erect so I decided to try and get him to stop by telling my husband to stop playing with me I am tired. I kept my eyes closed and pushed his hand away from my breast and using my husbands name told him I was to tired for any play time but when I rolled onto my side I felt my skirt slide up even further and I could feel it about a quarter of the way up my cheeks. I knew for sure he now had a great view of the bottom of my ass and my lips as I had pulled my knees up some to make it look like I was trying to go back to sleep. I laid there for a good three minutes listening and did not hear anything but then came the light finger touches right on my lips and cheeks, I decided that I could not let it go on any further so I let him get his jolly's for a few more minutes then pulled the same thing on him again telling my husband to quit playing with me. I then rolled over and opened my eyes, my step son darted for the hallway and I smiled as I listened to him trying to sneak up the stairs like he was never there. I got up and went to bed but in the morning I acted like nothing had happened and went to his room around ten o'clock to see if he was hungry for breakfast. I knocked on his door and heard him say come in so I peeked my head in on him and asked what he wanted to eat, I told him something about a big breakfast and to come down in a few to eat.
He never asked me anything about it and I never let on that I was awake for the whole thing but hopefully he got some pleasure and excitement from it.


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  • I'm sure your son got some pleasure and excitement from what he did to you! I hope you want more of the same passed out game? Things will only get more exciting for you. I hope next he eats your pussy so good, making you cum so hard, you can't help but moan wit pleasure.

  • You need to suck his cock when he's asleep and maybe he will pretend to be sleeping

  • My wife and I play that game. She pretends to be passed out naked on the bed and my friends have to go through the bedroom to use the restroom . It really shows you that I don't have any true friends when it comes to easy pussy lol

  • I got my mother drunk on her birthday she was 50 I was 26 and married but just needed to see how far I could go with mom. Was such a turn on feeling her full breasts lifting her clothes the point was passed were anything else mattered but fucking her which I did.
    We had sex many times after and are still sexually active.

  • One year I got so drunk I passed out on a big bean bag chair and woke up with my sons friend balls deep in me. I just laid there, and fell back asleep with them taking turns cumming in me.

  • This really needs to be its own story! Wow!

  • Oh hunny you sound so hot x

  • Them? How many?

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