My bi sexual confession

I’ve always been athletic and attractive. Never really had any problems attracting or dating females I liked. While in College I watched a beautiful brunette get used by 3 guys at a party. I couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it and it stuck in my mind forever. I for some reason focused my attention to one guy in particular who had a very nice sized cock.
I wondered what would cause a female to want this. All I know is she was totally turned on by these guys banging her.
After wanting to try it with girls I dated I decided not to. The thought of that particular guys cock really had me bothered. After 3 years of marriage I cane clean to wife. I told her I was unsure i thought I was bi and told her what I had seen. I told her deep down inside I wanted to go down on both the female getting that guys cock and clean that guys cock at the same time. We talked and I told her if she wanted to leave our marriage that was fine I understood. I told her I didn’t want to kiss a man or have any sort of penetrating I just wanted to suck him off with an intense passion. She said she understood and really wanted to know what I wanted. I told her I wanted to eat her out while another very hot guy fucked her. The more we talked about it the more she liked the idea. Took us about 5 months before finally meeting up with the guy that would allow it.
First time I put my mouth on his cock my wife offered it to me and helped me while I was sucking him off. While he pumps her I will signal him to pull out while I clean then replaced repeatedly. My wife loves this and the first time I ate her cream pie she could not believe how hot it felt and made her cum. You can call me what you want but it’s been the happiest time of me and my wife’s life. Nothing like tasting her cum off of his cock


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  • I would like to fuck his asshole while he’s fucking my wife.

  • I wish i had the balls to admit this is what i want. My wife would freak out.

  • Hey, if you both enjoy it, go for it!!!

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