I work with a bunch of idiots!

I work with the biggest bunch of morons . How stupid can you get. These guys could fuck up a wet dream. So today the boss gave this new kid a really nice low mile 1965 Dodge Coronet to put tires on. This car has most of its original paint intact . The last tires were installed sometime in the mid 80's. The young kid took the dog dish caps off and he didn't pay attention to the letter L on the end of the wheel studs. He used the airgun and broke a stud going the wrong way. Instead of then asking one of us more experienced techs he brakes another than another until they all were snapped off. Then he comes and says hey someone cross threaded all these wheel studs. I asked him what he was working on. So I went over to check it out. I picked up a broken stud and showed him the L on the end. This stands for left hand thread . The early Chrysler , Plymouth, and Dodges used this on the right side . You have to reverse the direction of the gun. I told him to tell the boss what happened. He did and the boss was pissed . The owner was going to flip out. We can't get nothing but right hand replacements from our local parts suppliers. The customer will have to come back and then I'll have to replace the 5 studs with Left hand ones and nuts. These kids today just keep going after an issue comes up. They don't stop to investigate . I'm so tired of these stupid kids creating more work for me. I'm pretty sure I told this kid before when I was putting brakes on a 65 or 66 Plymouth Barracuda . He doesn't remember anything you tell him.

1 month ago

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    • I had a 66 Dodge Coronet -- It had regular threads on both sides.

    • The one's coming out of college are worse.
      They'll get hired in an entry level engineering position and immediately tell the company they are grossly underpaid and refuse to work on the projects they are assigned.

    • If it doesnt work out they act like everything is a video game with no real consequences or someone else screwed up.

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