Key Party

I got married in the early 90s and at that time people who wanted to had what we used to call key parties. A key party was held in someones home and the hostess would pass around a large jar where all the couples would deposit their car keys , one set of keys to a couple. After a time when everyone had been drinking for some time and all were feeling good the hostess would come around with the jar and each woman would reach in and pick out one set of keys. Whoever owned the car keys the woman would have sex with at the party. As you can guess it made for a very interesting party.
My wife and I were invited to such a party. We were both in our early 30s as was the rest of the guests. there were 10 couples with 20 people involved.
We knew all the people who would be at the party except the new couple who just moved in across the street.
My wife was a stunner and she had sex written all over her. I suspect all the men wanted to get her keys . She was in shape and had the best legs I have ever seen on a woman. Her ass was absolutely the best among all the women at the party. She planned to wear a short , short tight dress at the party. to show off her assets.
I on the other hand was your average husband , mildly attractive but with a good body. In this group of men I was probably better than average when it came to bodies. Also I had a 7 inch cock which was larger than most but not all . According to my wife there would be men at the party that were much larger and much thicker than me. i asked her how she knew these facts and she said the women would tell each other all about the men in the neighborhood. the women knew all the important facts about the men, body size,cock size , weather they were good lovers , who had the best at licking a women's cunt , that kind of thing.
It was sat night and we were ready to go . My wife came down the stairs and as I said she had a skin tight short dress on with no nylons on and more importantly no underware , I nearly came in my pants I asked my wife who would she like to fuck and she said hands down it was Jim the host of the party, i asked why and she said without skipping a beat because he had the thickest cock at the party.
We got there and the hostess held out the jar and I dropped my keys into it.After a while we were all halfway drunk and the hostess came around with the jar so the women could pick the keys from it. Well guess what , my wife picked out the hosts keys, you know the guy with the thickest cock in the neighborhood I on the other managed to get the wife of the new people who moved in across the street. i didn't know her at all so the both of us were a little ill at ease. People started to disappear into bedrooms and other rooms for privacy. I poured 2 more drinks into my partner and got her to loosen up She told me she would rather make love in her own bedroom so we departed to her house across the street. When we got to her bedroom she stripped all her clothes off and i have to admit she had a great body , something she managed to conceal from me up to that point . I threw her down on the bed and began to lick her pussy, she was loving it and said her husband never did that to her in fact he did very little love making at all and she was going to enjoy this. After she came , I stripped and my 7 inches caught her eye she was on my cock and started to suck it , she was very good at it , I nearly came right away but she would have non of it and pushed me down on the bed. She mounted me and began to pump my cock with her pussy. We did this for maybe 30 minutes when she moaned and came. I rolled her over and mounted her I began slowly at first but picked up the pace and she began to respond by moaning and moving faster under me.She came again and I unloaded a gallon of cum in her.
After all that my lover and i went back to the party where you could see lovers here and there . She saw her husband slumped in a corner of the room I looked for my wife who I discovered behind the couch with her lover .they were fucking like two wild people. this guy was not the guy with the thickest cock, she had already finished him off and was on a second guy she happened to run into. She told me later Mr thick cock came right away like a 16 year old so she drained him and left him for greener pastures.
Well it was nearing 3 am so the party ended. We all went to our homes
My wife asked if I had a good time and i said I did, and I would love to do it again. My wife looked at me and said I will talk it over with the girls and we will give you an answer soon


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  • Late 70's, late 20's wife Beth and I -- we went to resort in the French West Indies - topless beach was cool. A group of 6 or 7 couples swam nude at our pool at night. Most everyone else spoke French. A lot of sexual innuendo -- One night a Pretty lady in her 40's, in broken English "we have fuck contest - you fuck wife -- we judge -- we all fuck and get judged" or something real close to that. Wasn't 100% sure till the first couple went to the shallow end and started screwing away while the other cheered them on -- so we cheered too. 3 couple later "your turn, you go fuck pretty wife" Beth is like WTF why not -- we get down there and Beth sits me on the edge of the pool and starts sucking my dick -- all the other sex was mostly below water -- they go wild chating "pute pute pute" meaning whore -- they did that for for one other women who really fucked like a pro -- but louder and more often for Beth. We had to later look up the word. Then I fucked her while she held on to the ladder -- her back supported by a floating raft -- they could see me ramming my big dick in and out of her sweet little pussy. 'pute pute pute"
    Next day at the pool bar I go to pay my tab for the week, bartender said it's been taken care of.

  • My wife and I attended several of these parties. Back then in the mid 70' no worries about shit like AIDS. Nothing more than a couple doses of good ole penicillin to worry about. I left with some hot fucking wives. My wife Judy was super fucking hot too. Judy looked like Tanya Roberts. We enjoyed the swinging life style. Neither of us have a jealous bone in our bodies. We just enjoyed our fun. I loved going home with other wives. I also enjoyed seeing other men touching and kissing Judy. On several occasions Judy and I had a threesome with either another guy or gal. It was a great time. Then the fucking 80's happened and she left me for a plastic surgeon. Oh well shit happens. I am married now to the wife of a former business partner. She sucked my cock in my office while another man distracted her husband's attention. I miss the 70's a lot. It was truly a great time.

  • That sounds ever so good

  • Yes! It was 1999, my fiancé, now my wife and I were 22 and were invited to a key party. We were nervous but we decided to go ahead with it. We got to the party, most couples were in their 20s and 30s. My wife didn’t want to get stuck with an “old guy” which was any guy over our age range. We put my keys in a bowl and drank and had fun. The wives were invited to wear sexy clothes, and the party was very sexual and flirty all night. Before the keys were divided up, they had a couple of hours to party. I remember my wife on the back patio in her short black dress, with her sexy legs and cleavage, sitting on a chair surrounded by maybe five guys all taking with her and she was laughing and being very flirtatious. I was a bit jealous because she was one of the youngest and best looking most fit girls there, and I didn’t want a fatty or and old chick!

  • Continued.... My fiancé was definitely one of the sought after girls. I fought the jealous feelings and hoped to get one of the other young hot wifes. I flirted and laughed with the sexiest ones in hopes of building a good rapport and if they picked my keys I’d already have a good flirty

  • Continued... friendship developed. When guys started asking other guys wives to dance on the big patio it was interesting, I danced with a few women and my wife dance with a few guys. I ended up dancing with my wife and we started kissing and we’re both turned on by all sexual energy from the whole experience. The hostess came out with the bowl and got all the women together in a circle, maybe 12 to 15 women, and then went around with the bowl and one by one they pulled out keys nervously and would hold them up and scream in excitement and talk “you got so and so, you got mine, whose are those keys, etc”. I was nervous, I didn’t want my wife going with someone she didn’t want or a guy who might hurt her, hell I started thinking I didn’t want her to go with anyone. My keys got chosen and the woman was one of the younger sexier women that I wanted and flirted with earlier and she was excited and I got excited. My wife shot her and me a look of fear and jealousy. My wife’s turn came and she reached in and pulled out a set of keys.

  • Continued.... and she held them up and it was one of the younger guys, a good looking guy and I got jealous but I wanted to have sex with the woman who chose me so I kept quiet. My wife came to me after the women all found their new partners and she said she was scared. I told her the house rule is you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and that everyone, husbands and wife’s and partners all have to agree to everything. She asked if I wanted to have sex with the other woman and I said I did but I didn’t want to hurt her. She said I don’t want to stop you from doing it, but I don’t know about having sex with that guy. I said go talk with him some more, just be friendly and see where it goes, and I’ll do the same, let’s not have sex with anyone. She said okay. We did just that, the woman I partnered with sat with me and she had her hands on me and mine on her, light kissing and flirting and I told her my wife and I had decided no sex. She called my wife over and they chatted and drank a lot. Later, the woman led my wife and me to a bedroom and started kissing us both, they both went down on me and then I had sex with my wife while the other just touched and kissed us and I felt her up. Then she climbed on me and rode me. My wife left the room. And I stayed with the other woman. When we finished I came out and my wife was on the living room sofa laying on her back naked with the man she chose on top of her pounding her, people watching. I froze. She had her eyes closed and he was kissing her neck. My partner got on her knees right there and started sucking me. When the guy was done with my wife he got up and my wife laid there naked and I went to her had sex with her right there on the sofa.

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