Three girls me and a dog(continued) (part two)

The girl in the middle sat on me and looked down at me and said "your dicks no better than the dogs " the other two girls laughed and teased me saying "the dog fucks better than you can" after a few minutes the girl on the left side of me leaned down and kissed me and said "she won't fuckin" and the girl on my right side said "you won't be jacking' off anymore, we won't let you" the girl sitting on me said "let's fuckin him" she got off of me and the other two sat on me but didn't fuckin they sat there and I asked them to fuckin me and when they all had a turn sitting on me and got off they all looked at me and smiled and said "if we see you jacking off we're going to make you fuckin us until you can't fuckin us anymore" they layed down and went to sleep

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