Does anybody have her phone number ?

I met a young woman a while back and when I asked her for her phone number she wrote it down, but when I called there was no answer, as it turns out I found out she gave me another number instead, and I read a comment and here's this if anyone knows Amy Heinz' phone number (she lives in Tn.murfreesboro (I don't know the area code) (her real name isn't Amy Heinz) could you post a comment with a number (preferably her number) you know what to do (look it up and get back to me okay, her profile may be on mylife social media somewhere)

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  • So, you hope to find Amy Heinz, so you can catch up ? Get it, "catch up" ? Oh, you're SO fucking easy !

  • Https://

  • Okay this "episode" of "stupid girl"
    topic;"he's abusing mе and she's faking her comment"...ok,kommenter what is your comment ? 1. She's faking the comment &2. I don't give a fuck

  • Yeah I have a komment. yes..."she won't even fuck mе, is there anything
    at all I can do ¿

  • She said "get fucked" and she won't
    Fuckin fЦск ме

  • Дйдl sтЦрid giГl

  • In her ass...whoa....shit

  • I one-upped your fuckin' comment

  • 2× bitch +1 motherfuckers

  • Г.ще ¿ комейтй неяе йош ¿

  • Take your Komment & fuck it bitch &
    Like it


  • You miss a lot

  • توليق

  • Fuckin report it

  • Not an apology?

  • I don't give a damn if the comment's
    Reported. Who in the fuck are you ¿

  • You miss a lot you goddamn motherfuckin bitch

  • Amy you're "abusing" mе, stop

  • Am I missing something here ? If her real name isn't Amy Heinz, then how the fuck is anyone going to be able to give you this person's number ? You fucking dumb ass idiot.

  • Obvious miscommunication about a post on my part. I may have mentioned a name and it was posted. The words "are not meant to be misinterpreted" should be "are meant to be misinterpreted", apology from me to everyone. Accept or don't, it's another incorrectness on the post.

  • See the someone is telling something important.

  • I have posted an apology and we must wait for it to make the list

  • ...дnd in гетцгп I щоцld liке дп ароlоgу fгом аnуопе шно наs роsтеd соммеnтs то му роsтs...(уоц кпощ щно уоц аге, I'м щаiтing fфr ароlоgiеs). iт шоцld бе niсе if уօև ձւլ ձքօւοցiζεδ fοr αւլ օf УоЦгsεւvες αβουτ γουr ηοτ ςο ոiсе роςτς соммεητς

  • Suck balls Amy Heinz

  • That's what happened to all of her men
    She sucked their balls dry

  • Hey, Fuck Me Sweet Baby Goddammit
    Fuckin Fuck Me All NIght Long

  • YEah fЧсk Me БаЬу

  • FЧск Ме ЪАбУ. If УоЧ ЩаЙт то ? ОЙlу
    if уоЦ ЩАnт то. щiтн УоЦr бЦтт ой iт.
    fЦск mе.

  • Amy fЦсК ме ЪаБу. Тill my Dick breaks
    off in your ass. Ъцт first dye your hair
    Red Бitch so when I'm lookin at the back of your head I'll see my fave color

  • There is a nudist club in that town go look there.

  • Not necessary you dumb bitch

  • She's not too dumb to fuck tellin' me get fucked

  • If she wants to fuck

  • I think all comments are more than any number would ever ъе. Mayъе the wrong number is a "ъеттея idea".

  • She gave you a wrong number for a reason . Get a clue

  • Ιτ'ς ηοτ ιмроիէапт το мε ηοω...ςο το ενεըуοηε τհձէ հձς соммεητεδ, ι ωιւլ էչւլ уоц αւլ էհձե ι δοη'τ саըе ιf sне ցձvе ме α ωrοηց ոևмБег. Iт'ς ηοτ ιмροrταητ τօ ме nощ бесацςε Ι δοη'τ ςεε τհе iмроrταηсе оf havιηց ձոуоne'ς ηմмБеr. ոևмЪеrς αըе nот iмροrταητ το ме nош. тнеу аrε տιмροըէձդէ Ъесдцςε ι δο ηοτ ηεεδ αηγοηε'ς ηυмБеr, ¿ δοες αηγοηε հձνε αηγ զնеsτιοης ? (ηοτιсе тне соrreκτ զմеstιοη маrκ (see) ("?) ις fоr еvеrоnе оf тне rеsт оf уоц (for correctness) (I do like to make the commenters happy don't I)

  • I don't care

  • I'm not interested now in name or number, I'm not now.

  • That slut

  • You fuck that "slut"

  • Call her what you want, I don't care

  • I know who's comment

  • Look dickhead if you don't know her real name find out you clown

  • То комmептея щiтн соmмеnт щояds
    "diскнеаd" апd "сlошn". Уоц аяе. sее комmенnтаiяяе комmенnтеяs.

  • See comments asshole

  • Τհеrε'ς ոօ ηεξδ fоr ηαмες

  • Names aren't important

  • I've had enough of this goddamn fuckin comments shit goddammit all y'all can fuck yourself

  • Amy Heinz' friends are all a bunch of dickweeds and cocksuckers

  • Her name is Amy Nicole Corley how's that see I have her name it's only a matter of getting the number

  • Тяцsт ме мinе fяiепd, уоц dоп'т щапт iт.

  • She plays with her pussy and everyone knows it 'cause she's never satisfied by 100 men every night

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    She's never satisfied

  • I know the name and I would print it here but, after the past few hours I've changed my mind I'm not interested now, I have my reasons why

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