Pointers For Intimacy With Your Older Sister

So, you want to get intimate with you older sister? Really simple. First thing.
1. Respect Boundaries
Don't be a jerk. If you have a feeling she doesn't want you to touch her b*****, but the behind is okay to spoon, choose the spooning. Do whatever boundaries she sets. let her lead the way, as the woman.

2. Do not think you can break the rules
It really can be only one time you are allowed break her boundaries before she closes up shop permanently. Make sure it is very clear before going into uncharted sexual territory with her that she is good with you moving up a level. over time, she will open up to more and more. Taking things too fast and you could lose it all - permanently.

3. Start right
To start a relationship, make it playful. Keep everything playful. Things must always be indirect and playful - create a game out of it. This can be wrestling, pillow fights, or even making humor out of something serious. By making it play - it mitigates guilt and embarrassment of sexual feelings for a family member. You sister will likely have guilt and embarrassment concerning it and play is great at breaking up these stumbling blocks of society.

4. Patience
It isn't about the end reward in this type of relationship. It really is about enjoying the ride there. Be cool and calm... stay in control and of course, within boundaries. These boundaries are likely unspoken, but have a clear definition that is set by your sister. Let her send clear signals so that you know when she is ready for more and be careful to only act after a very clear signal is sent for the opportunity to act.

Above all RESPECT her, and she will likely give you EVERYTHING. Let your sister feel she is in charge and is she likely to open up completely to your love.

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  • Good advice, i followed similar guidelines with success.

  • My sister was in charge from the start and sometimes had zero boundaries. She would ask me all the time what I would like to do, I told her one time that I wanted to tickle her and she could not stop me until I was finished. She told me to go and round up anything that could be used to tie her up and then she coached me thru the whole part her getting tied up. She was on her twin bed, ankle tied to each post of her footboard, wrists tied off to the headboard, totally naked and she even wanted to be blindfolded. I do not even remember how long I tickled her but it was a really long time and I got hard as ever, she never begged for me to stop. She just kept laughing and gasping, telling me I was a little pervert and when I was done with tickling her I rubbed and licked her until she came.
    She enjoyed this so much that it became a regular thing for us and she would just ask me to tie her up and do it all over again. I enjoyed her feet but a close second was a combination armpits and nipples, she had really sensitive nipples that got extremely erect and she would twist all around when they were tickled.
    Our sexual relationship started one day when she came into my room early in the morning probably right after our mom left for work. I woke up feeling like my penis was really tight, do not remember my exact thoughts but as I opened my eyes up there was my sister sitting on my bed with her hands wrapped around my penis. She had pulled down my pajamas and just started slowly teasing and stroking it, she asked me if I liked it and eventually I had an orgasm. She liked it so much that she started doing this every day and then one day she was naked and after I came she told me I could do anything I wanted to her.

  • I didn't get this far, but it had a lot to do with the fact that I pushed past what she was comfortable with. My sister shut down the operation all at once my exposing me to my dad, though I have no idea what she told him. I just knew that was done.

  • Sometimes you have to take your time, like you would with any girl. Give your sister compliments and later try flirting a little. Take her out for meals and maybe go to watch a movie. Try hand holding hands, a little kiss maybe. Later take her on vacation and always try to make sure its just you two.

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