¿ does anybody think some of the new music ?

¿ What's the deal with new music tell me, I thought that the older stuff was better. Because every time I have gone out all I heard was some just crap playing on somebody's car stereo. It's that "boom boom" sh×t that I don't wanna hear at all (somebody comment) I will tell you this, I don't wanna mention any names of who I have thought are good singers but I thought that the older stuff was better than this new stuff, at least to me it is.

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  • Agree .. All I collect is classic albums becuz these new fools out there are terrible ..

  • I'll tell ya, Alice in chains is good

  • Wrong site to post this on. But if you must know, it's because the best music ever is always the music you heard at your most formative ages, which is usually your teens. Think about it. What is your favourite music and what did you love to listen to in your teens. Probably the same shit. Not rocket science.

  • Does anyone know another site I could post other comments ?

  • Yup, the sister site of this one. Confessionposts. There's also twitter, facebook, myspace (still exists?), tumblr, pinterest, and thousands of other places.

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