My coworker

We worked next to each other for about two years when one day while we were leaving work she was walking with me to the parking lot, she had started doing this for a few weeks which I found odd but never asked her about it. We were having a pretty normal conversation when out of the blue she asked me why I have never asked her out to dinner or anything. I stopped and looked at her then asked her a rhetorical question.
"Aren't you 26 years old?", I said knowing full well she was indeed only twenty six years old, 5'4" tall and around 115 pounds, probably C cup bra size if she does not stuff it, which based on how they move sometimes probably correct.
"Yes I am but what does that have to do with it?", she fired right back at me.
I gave her a look much like an uncle would do with his niece because that is what I told myself she was to me when she hired on right out of university. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever known and I cannot believe she is wasting her time in business, she could be a model and make six figures easily with her looks and drive. I treated her this way to make her tough, I knew in another five years or so she would be a manager and I would be retired and on my boat everyday.
I was still giving her the niece look, "Do you realize you are less than half my age? Why on earth would you want to spend an evening with me when your stuck next to me for nine hours a day?"
She told me I was fucking brilliant and she knows that I would be really good to her and not treat her like crap, most of the men she has dated are her age and do not give a crap about feelings anymore.
I told her, "Look, my own daughter is older than you are and I could not rob you of your youth, look harder for a nice guy to treat you with respect". I opened up my car door and laid my bag on the seat, she looked at me and told me I was probably right but would I still want to invite her over and just have sex for a few hours.
I looked at her again like she was my niece and told her, "I am going home now, see you tomorrow for a nice wonderful nine hours of fun".
It was around seven thirty when my doorbell rang and I looked over at the side window but could not see who was on the front porch. I turned on the light and I immediately recognized her, she was standing there looking right at me so I opened up the door and invited her inside. I told her we could watch a movie but we are not having sex, she gave me a smile and told me that sounded good.

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  • Why not just let whatvever happens happen? That shouldn’t be a hard one. Enjoy her company and make the best of it. Why ruin everything now

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