Cuckold Hubby

I have had a relationship with a young well hung stud at my work for about 3 years about 2 years ago my husband brought up the idea of being locked in a chastity cage so I jumped at it, after he was locked for 3 months I told him about John and explained John would be sleeping with me quite often and he would move into the downstairs bedroom.
Things could not be better now when John comes over my hubby sexes both of us up prior to assisting our coupling then he has to encourage and praise us throughout the fucking session afterwards he cleans both of us by mouth and tongue.
I have him assist my daily showering along with shaving my pussie.
I know he feels very humiliated but I love it, when I release him for shaving and cleaning I cuff him behind and before I lock him again for another two weeks I lay his prick flat on the kitchen table, blindfold him and smash his dick with a flat wooden ruler, takes almost all day to ease his pain.
Many other women have hubbies cuckold ?

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  • Would one of you nice ladies please add four weeks without orgasm for me to their husbands lock time, I would really love thinking of a man being denied because of me.

  • Certainly Helen, my husband is due for release and masturbation to orgasm on Sunday he started wanting chastity some eighteen months ago eventually I agreed and I now love having control of my PRICK and NUTS I think he is so very sorry he let me lock him too bad I would just love to add your four weeks and ensure every day he says thank you Helen for my confinement if he misses a day I will add three days till he is allowed to cum OK.
    Hope you like that sweetie xxxxx Sue

  • OH Sue thank you so much darling I am so horny thinking about this happening on my behalf, if it's OK could you please squeeze his nuts so very hard for a long while so when he goes into my confinement period once the ring and penis sleeve locks on he really feels the pain for so long.
    I wish I could get my husband into one so much, I am trying xxxxx

  • Helen darling of course I will really squeeze them so hard tomorrow about 2 o'clock I will also twist some twine around his balls pull it very tight and lead him backwards around the house for a while before locking him for you his balls should pain for hours I probably will flick them with my finger every now and again for further discomfort, I do hope you get your man into a cage there is nothing like it xxx

  • Hi Helen just thought I would update you, the little prick has missed thanking you on two days so I have added another two weeks before he orgasms if he misses again I think I might make it three months and every time I release him for shaving and cleaning he will really have his balls squeezed very hard for a long while, hope you enjoy Sue xxxx

  • My husband cheated with an old girlfriend and I made him be locked in a cage, best thing I have ever done, I now have a wonderful lesbian relationship with one of my best girlfriends who has moved in with us while my husband has had the rear of our double garage made into living quarters for himself, for absolute humiliation my girlfriend is the keyholder and cuffs him when he needs shaving and cleaning, she also clamps really spring tight cloths pegs on his nipples and grasps and tugs his nuts so hard he hurts for at least a day with the cage back on, so good he is our servant

  • I think one day he'll snap and strangle you.

  • Oh no he is too concerned about his little dick being locked forever to consider that, he is well and truly under my control now, piss weak little shit I should have done it years ago.
    Just for you darling I will add another two weeks before he gets an orgasm, how nice of me eh ?

  • What a cruel cunt. One day he will find his balls and leave you

  • Now that's not very nice tell you what for your offensive comment I am going to ensure he does not orgasm for the next five months but I am going to cock flog him every weekend asking if he has found his balls yet unless he says " no they belong to you " I will put him in a tighter Ball ring section of his cage so he feels it all the time, so much fun being totally in control incidently when I inquire how he thinks things are going with his chastity he always responds positively saying it it so good, weak little shit knows what he better say and now learning his duties really well.
    I am sure he will never cheat again but no he's not leaving, no easy way out for the little prick.
    OH!!! any other derogatory comments ?

  • Getting a cock in a cage is difficult but once you have it they are fucked, so good xxx

  • Could not believe it was so easy, he is already locked and I feel so dominant along with the cage I got the cuffs and leg spreader plus another lock with keys when I came in 30 minutes ago I told him he could hold the keys giving him the wrong ones so he let me shave and clean him, putting on and locking the cage bit difficult but I got it telling him it was time to start learning his household duties he said get fucked I will wear this only when I want to what a downhung look when he tried the keys, you slut get the ones that fit or you will be sorry, forgot where I put them lets start your house training buster seeing you threatened me and have not so far cooperated it is at least on for three weeks want to say anything else ? very quiet he is now doing the washing and hanging it out next cleaning, I am sure he knows he is no longer in control.

  • Brilliant sister, love it

  • Thanks so much for the post I am sure my husband has been cheating on me but can't catch him so about a week ago I brought up the subject of chastity he sort of went along with it under the proviso that he is only locked while at home and we can have sex whenever he wants "great, fantastic" I am going to the adult shop to obtain one this afternoon along with cuffs and a leg spreader.
    Poor fool will be so sorry when he first wants to be unlocked what a surprise eh ? OH I am going to have such fun, I am going to have him locked and naked around the house learning to do all the housework etc. he is going to be my little subordinate slave how good ?
    Wonder what he and his cheating secretary will be talking about in the office on Monday HA HA HA HA

  • He has been locked for 10 days now, originally he got very pissed off threatening, swearing etc. till he realised that only meant he could not get out till I permitted it, he knows now he has to be quiet, polite, subordinate and react quickly to my demands, I have him wear sexy panties all the time now plus matching bras with heels at home while he does all the housework, he has to satisfy me sexually with tongue, finger or toys when ever I want while he gets none, this weekend will be his first cleaning, shaving session while cuffed behind with leg spreader on, I think I will pull his balls real hard for a while before he is locked again he should feel that pain for sometime.
    Next week I am going to ask for some proof he has been shagging his secretary and advise that until I get that he won't be allowed to orgasm, the feeling of such power is so fantastic.

  • My husband has been wearing panties 24/7 with bras and nighties at home all the time, last night I suggested he go into chastity for some fun and he said maybe so I have taken that as a yes and ordered a plastic cock cage this morning it is advised it is by far the best pretty expensive but looks worth it.
    Oh boy am I going to have some fun when I get him locked no backing out now I am really starting to feel very dominant, can't wait.

  • It is so funny my man wanted to go into chastity I have no idea why but agreed we have had a bit of fun with it but I release him when he wants maybe I will hide the keys and see what happens this post may start giving me more power

  • I caught my husband cheating with his bosses wife one condition other than a messy divorce was he be locked in chastity, one day I came home and he had his prick out of it but could not get the ring over his prick and balls so I ordered a clear plastic one with internal lock smaller cage and with three testicle rings when it arrived I put with difficulty the smaller ring on and he knew it his balls really squeezed in left on for three days he felt every minute of it then I put on the next size and he was more comfortable but no chance of any release without me unlocking it.
    I then had him nude go on all fours and with head up smiling put our dog resting on his back taking photo's that looked like the dog was fucking him it was so realistic, terrific evidence.
    I now have a nice younger man with a much larger prick fuck me whenever I like, when he comes over my husband has to wash and clean his car to total satisfaction, he is also very quiet, considerate and accommodating the housework and grounds are always done he does everything I want mostly even before I ask.
    The little cheating prick will forever be sorry he dipped that wick in another box plus the bosses wife is ultra nice to me, wonder why ? so funny EH ?

  • I have had my husband in a cock cage for two years initially at his request, shave and clean him every second week but he is locked in leg braces while I do I also tease him to precum but have not let him orgasm for over a month now, he is so nice and subordinate and does most of the housework he goes out when my boss or the sales manager comes over for sex.
    He has only complained once that was when I left him locked for over five weeks so he says nothing other than when I ask him to tell me how good chastity is so I am sure he enjoys it, OH I know he doesn't but that's too bad now being dominant and having a sub is fantastic.

  • What dominance how good is this, every man should be treated like shit and humiliated so, I love it that he has to watch and help while his wife is being fucked by another man and how great clean them up after as well.
    Tonight I am going to start talking to my husband about the benefits (hahaha) of being in chastity.

  • Gotta say, nothing would stop me from hiring a good lawyer and removing myself from that marriage, leaving nothing. Does you entire relationship revolve around you humiliating and torturing him? I'll never understand why men put themselves in places like these

  • Love to get hold of you and have you in a cage.

  • I bet you would. I'm not opposed to some fun games but jeez, to do what is described above, that's just cruel and hateful.

  • No its not Darling it is great fun for me anyhow, my husband does not complain so I take it he likes everything I do hahahaha.

  • Well then, I hope you at least give him the pleasure of letting a bunch of guys gangbang him. If my wife wanted to torture me like this I would insist that this be done

  • OH certainly not darling he might like that, he is so lucky if I masturbate him once in a while probably about every fifth week when I release him for cleaning and shaving, I cuff him behind and put a leg spreader on usually only pull him to precum then lock him again. He always thanks me, I am thinking of getting one of my girlfriends over to do it, how humiliating would that be ?
    Sure he will never cheat again.

  • Well, I don't get it. Your husband is a weak man and you are a sadist. oh well, carry on

  • They want and need it so bad.

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