I was molested as 12yro and I enjoyed it

When I was 12 years old the neighborhood cool guy saw me me walking to the park and he asked me if I wanted a ride and I said sure. He told to get the n the car and we took off toward the park. Before we got a mile down the road he turned off and drove back behind an old abanded warehouse and I asked him why we stopped and he said his crotch was all in bunch and we had to stop do he could readjust himself. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock and started pulling on it and stretching it and it got real hard. I started to get a little scared and he asked if my dick was hard and I said no and he said we’ll have to fix that and he unzipped my pants and started to rub me and he took my dick out and started to stroke it. I was scared to say anything because I was afraid he would hurt me if I told him no. He put my dick in his mouth and began to suck it and it felt really good! He touched me all over and I got really hot and I came and then he told me to suck on him and I did and it made me even hotter and then he shot his load into my mouth and it tasted good so I swallowed all of it. He told me not to tell anyone or we wouldn’t be able to do it again and I never told anyone!

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  • You were a naughty boy, but you loved it. He should have taken your pants down, licked your bottom hole and then pushed his dick into your bottom and filled you with cum! At 12 years old you would have had lovely round arse cheeks and a lovely bottom, just ripe for fucking!!!

  • Lucky him

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