What kind of stupid ignorant idiots and fools post this garbage

Ya know first thing a lot of this stuff I read i don't like it one bit!

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  • Comment. Bully her off this site and bully her off comments.I saw
    Comments and whoever she is she's being a bully

  • Ъë FЦnny ДБоЦТ тне pëarls ha ha ha ha ha

  • FЦскiиg (На на)нlsensibilities(ha ha ha ha)

  • There is not Недvей

  • УоЦ Иот Бе...

  • Γöυ...

  • Γöυ

  • Heavens be! Oh my delicate sensibilities! I'm clutching my pearls as we speak!

  • I have to say GODDAMN THIS SHIT! !!

  • DДмn тнㅌ кㅇмmㅌйㅜs дn[) I'м
    бㅌiй' ㅁГigiй비.λεαн.

  • You can't copy, 'cдЦsе you think it's "
    dЦмб...фdоп'т еvей

  • Уоц...(уоця коммеит)

  • IDK, Have you tried looking in the mirror ?

  • I'll find you and rip your goddamn mother fuckin bitch ass apart mother fucker and I'll cut you up son of a bitch after I rape your dead ass

  • Mother fucker, don't even comment son of a bitch. I know who every goddamn body is goddammit so you mother fucker leave it the goddamn hell alone you know what the hell I mean mother fucker

  • Then stop reading it fuck

  • Уоцг dдddу, мотнеяㅋЦсйея.

  • I'm going to interpret the "f word" as okay, It's not going to get to me. No it's not. As for the rest of you 꺼 져 now figure that one out. Until then I'll keep reading. The rest of you do the same.

  • Irony meter exploding!

  • First of all I was referring to every one else's garbage posts every goddamn mother fuckin one of you son of a bitches can go to hell my own posts are not garbage at least to me they're not

  • It’s all fake sex news. Build that wall.

  • It’s just so fucking boring right?!

  • Bitch don't be sarcastic as hell bitch

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