She wont do it

For the last few years I have been obsessed with the idea of seeing my wife get gang banged or shared by a few men. It has gotten to the point that when I get a BJ from her I can only get off if I think about some one else behind her pounding away at her pussy.

When I jack off it is my automatic thing to think of.

But she wont even consider the thought. We had a threesome years ago and she loved the attention she got from two men, but she only blew him. I want to see her get taken by a group of men or just a couple guys that want to use her body.

When ever I bring the idea up of her either having a "Hall Pass" or just being a Hot Wife she gets all angry because she says she doesn't want to cheat. But I have read the stories she pulls off the net. Many are about wives being seduced or cheating with co workers or one night stands with strangers.

Her sex toys are getting more of a workout then I have been.

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  • I had the same fantasy for years. We would discuss it during the moment and never bring it up again. 3 years ago, when she turned 50, we went to Vegas. I took her to the Red Rooster club. We watched, but only enjoyed each other that night. After getting back home, I told her I had another gift for her. Got local nice room and had younger guy come over. We tagged her and the rest is history. We now have a group of wonderful folks who are all fwb. If any of the ladies is desiring multiple men or another woman, whatever, it's open for the asking. She likes up to 3 men at once. Just like your's, they love the attention. Fun times.

  • There is a big difference between a threesome and being gang banged and it certainly is not for everyone. Personally speaking more than two guys is just to much work, the most I have ever been with was six and that was a little scary because it seemed like my pleasure was being ignored and all of them just wanted their cocks played with at the same time.

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