My peeking experiences

I’ve had some wonderful peeking experiences.
First one, I was 12 and my older bro (20yo) and his gf we’re staying with me while our parents were on a cruise. She was hot and slutty. I don’t realize what was going on until I happened to look out my bedroom (upstairs) window and saw them in the backyard playing with each other. She was sucking him and only had bikini bottoms on!! Holy moly!! He then got her bottoms off and was eating her!! Wow!! This was amazing for a 12yo boy!!
Yes, I pleasured myself watching them!!
Fast forward 5 years, Im 17 and going into the service in about two days. Same bro brought me over to his place to celebrate with a couple my buddies. He got us beers and we had to hang out at his place for the night so no one got busted for underage drinking or driving.
He had a different gf who was there just hanging out because my Bro still wanted pussy even though us knuckleheads were there. I’ll never forget her, Lori. I had a huge crush on her. So me and my buddies are drinking and being idiots. Playing quarters in his backyard and just getting drunk. Me and my buddies passed out fairly early in the backyard in various states. I woke up and had to piss really bad. After I was done I saw my Bro’s bedroom light was on. Of course I went over and looked. The curtains were wide open and he was banging Lori!!
Of course I stayed and watched the rest of the session and pleasures myself twice if not three times!!
Next time was when I came home on leave. We had a fam of 3 living next door. Both parents in their early 30’s. She was very attractive and just a tiny bit thick. They had become good friends with my parents. One Saturday night I was getting ready to go out and went into our garage where we did laundry. I could see there bedroom light was on. I decided to take a look to see if I could see her. I could see through a decent size spilt in the curtains. They were both in bed slapping uglies!!
She was blonde and looked so hot in some hot black lingerie doing the dirty!! I watched them doing various things for about an hour!! And of course was pressuring myself the entire time.
My most memorable one. I saw a friend of my steps, a 16yo girl sleeping with boxers on and her legs spread. I could see right up the leg of her boxers to shaved smoothness. It was just beautiful!! I walked into the bathroom, got myself close and then walked back into the room and looked right up her boxers while I had a super intense orgasm!!

1 month ago

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    • I just read about a guy, in Texas, who was peeping in on a ten-year old girl. He had been doing it awhile, the girl had seen him, pleasuring himself as he watched. Her parents had been unable to catch him, until recently. They went outside, armed with pistols, and he walked away to a store across the street. The man went inside the store to ask them to call the police, while his wife held her gun on the perp. He wrestled the gun from her, and was pointing it at her, when the husband ran back outside and shot the guy several times. The perp is in critical, but, stable condition.

      At the risk of sounding like I have some sort of upper moral ground, let me assure you, I don't. I'm a long time peeper, myself. Only advanced age has slowed me down. But, I never peeped on kids. They were a deal breaker. I never peeped on family or relatives. I never even peeped on men, unless, they were masturbating. But, this guy did himself in. He walked away as the parents confronted him ? I would've been hauling ass, never to return. It's entirely possible he was drunk and / or stoned on something, which is another way of endangering yourself, if you're a peeper. You have to be in top form, and on your toes if you're going to be in the practice of pathological voyeurism. Guys like this are giving the rest of us a worse name !

    • But if someone gets peeped at and they never find out, what's the harm? Therefore, what does it matter if they're 13 or 23?

    • Point taken, and if that's the case, a rather moot point, at that.

    • I peeped at my sister for years. It's how I learned about female development! When when we were in our early teens she learned about male sexual development too when we shared a bathroom and I'd be in a skimpy towel and start getting hard at her in a tank top and bikini bottoms. Then I'd stroke it as I watched her through the keyhole! I still think about that, good times

    • I peek at my daughter and her friends while they sleep. While they shower. Change for the pool in the cabana. (When she's at school I have an 18-yo prostitute who's super small and looks like my daughter come over, and I fuck her on my daughter's bed.) Peeking is fun!

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