Would you eat another person?

If you could eat another person--alive or dead, cooked or raw, whole or in pieces, willing or not--and knew you wouldn't get caught or punished, would you? If so, who would you eat, and how?

I know I would, and I'd roast my niece alive and take my time savoring every bite of her.



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  • I believe I would also rather be eaten then eat someone else. My fantasy world be to have my two daughters hang me up like a deer and start to gut me while I was still alive, then skin me, cut me up and put me in the freezer. So they could feast on me when ever yhay wanted.

  • I don't know. The thought of two nude girls gutting me was I was alove hanging upside down, is kind of a turn on, my dick got hard reading these stories. But I don't think I could go through with it. Just saying. Don't like pain that much, and I like living more.

  • I hope your family and friends somehow find out you wrote this, you pos!

  • I am going to be eaten. But not by people. I will be eaten by wild animals. I already have it set up. I've promised to pay 2 chubby girls $5000 each upon the time of my death. Anytime after I turn 60 yrs. old, they are to come and get me, and take way out in the state forest. Once there we are to all get naked, they will tie me to a big tree so I can't move or get away. Then they are instructed to take a knife and stab me just above my dick and cut upward to my rib cage deep enough and wide enough my intestines start falling out, but still alive. Then leave me for all the wolves and bears out there.
    Well things are going good I turned 60 two months ago. They did call me on my birthday, to inform me they hadn't forgotten about our deal. They said they have the day picked out, and wanted to know if I wanted to know when. I said no, suprise me. It's not like anyone will miss me, I have no family or relatives. I can't wait.

  • Wow, that is sooooo hot. You must have them video tape it. How did you find these girls. I am a 59 yr old woman, so of course I would want to have young men to do it to me. I only have 8 months till I turn 60, so I need to hurry. I know it wouldn't take long for animals to start eating me, we are having a real problem with cougars and grizzlies, around here. In fact it's so bad you see tgem all the time during the day.

  • Hey these two may have something here. This could be one way to stop over crowding in cemeteries, and keep our wildlife fed.

  • Can we share your niece ? Then we could spitroast and eat her both figuratively and literally.

  • Cannibal.cannibalism.dinner.what more needs to be said ? so there's a week of dinner 21 × eat. For the cannibal. For the "sexual cannibal"
    Maybe dinner twice ? Once while she's alive and when she's not.

  • Both, right.

  • Die

  • Piece of shit

  • Faggot

  • Dumb fuck

  • Eat yourself, see how it tastes

  • In a survival situation I would definately eat a person. I keep my wife nice and fat just in case we get lost in the woods, I figure at 350 Lbs, she can sustain me for at least
    Two months, provided I can keep her from spoiling.

  • My cousin Kimberly id slowly torture her burning branding cooking cutting off lil pieces starting with her tits.

  • WTF? No.

  • Wtf is wrong with these people!

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