Would you eat another person?

If you could eat another person--alive or dead, cooked or raw, whole or in pieces, willing or not--and knew you wouldn't get caught or punished, would you? If so, who would you eat, and how?

I know I would, and I'd roast my niece alive and take my time savoring every bite of her.



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  • Cannibal.cannibalism.dinner.what more needs to be said ? so there's a week of dinner 21 × eat. For the cannibal. For the "sexual cannibal"
    Maybe dinner twice ? Once while she's alive and when she's not.

  • Both, right.

  • Die

  • Piece of shit

  • Faggot

  • Dumb fuck

  • Eat yourself, see how it tastes

  • In a survival situation I would definately eat a person. I keep my wife nice and fat just in case we get lost in the woods, I figure at 350 Lbs, she can sustain me for at least
    Two months, provided I can keep her from spoiling.

  • My cousin Kimberly id slowly torture her burning branding cooking cutting off lil pieces starting with her tits.

  • WTF? No.

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