My wife is so great

I love my wife so much and would do anything for her, she is completely submissive though and has never turned down anything I have wanted sexually. I make love to her as often as I can and she is always willing and enjoys it as much as I do. She often has a half dozen or more orgasms when I pleasure her and after a few just gets into this orgasmic state where she just pulsates on and on with continuous orgasms.
About a year ago I started asking for a blow job daily after I got home from work and now she just does it when I come home. She will do it sometime during the day on the weekends, usually late morning without me asking her for it. She is so freaking awesome that I have no idea what I would do without her, beat off a lot I guess.

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  • You are lucky, man, l am a gay male and I suck a lot of married men off on a regular basis because their wives no longer suck their cock.

  • That is just so fantastic you must have just the greatest relationship and sex life, my wife often gives me a blow job or masturbates me mainly on the weekend in our lounge room.

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