Need advice about dating older

Soooo I'm 19f and dating a man who is 58. He has a daughter who is 24. I don't think she likes me very much, what can I do to have a better relationship with her?

1 month ago

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    • She isn't going to like you and not even fuckin her will remotely make her like you. You care so much about the daughter Break it off with daddy. She will adore you then. If not willing to do that I say fuck that bitch. If she doesn't like you take off daddy's condom during sex and have him repeatedly cum in you. Make her hate you then make her call you mommy

    • I would not advise doing this but my ex gf was into older guys. She was also into girls.

      She got fucked by her count 5 guys that were between 20 and 35 years older than her. One who was 27 years older had a daughter that was 2 years older than her. One night my ex and the daughter got high and ended up fucking. They kept it a secret and her bf never found out.

    • I can relate. I was in a similar situation when I was away at college.
      I was an 18 year old freshman and didn't know anyone. I quickly started hooking up with an older male student I'd met on campus.
      He was divorced, 55 & working on his Masters. His youngest daughter still lived at home, she was 22 and a single mom.
      We didn't hit it off at first. However, I could understand her point. I was a young girl spending the night with her dad.
      I was up front and told her my intentions right now are to have a good time and keep her dad satisfied because he's a lonely man and we connect well.
      I assured her that I don't have any intentions of being a 'gold digger' or anything.
      I 'dated' her dad a few years then my parents refused to pay my way so I had to move back home and finish my studies at a local state college.

    • Get her drunk and give her a kiss.

    • Have sex with her.

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