Cuckold with a Virgin Fiancee

It's my darkest fantasy for my fiancee to let another man take her virginity. Specifically, I want the guy to be someone I loathe, and to be much bigger than me. The humiliation I would experience turns me on more than anything else.

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  • I would love to take your fiancée’s virginity!

  • I forgot to mention that my fiancée is slim and fit, has a very nice, round ass, and a pretty face. I even have nude pics of her (minus her face), if you want to see.

    If you’re a bull interested in this, I hope you can seduce my fiancée and take her virginity. I’ll help you.

  • I had wanted it soon after we got married.Obsessed over it.Indulged in porn to relieve myself.It wasn't enough,I wanted it to happen.I talked to my wife.She was livid,at first,but then recognized that I had a genuine need for this to happen.So we arranged for it to happen.Luckily my wife already knew a guy who was perfect.He was in his mid forties and had the experience.He was a good looking guy too,which was why my wife asked him.Turns out he was also of porn star size,which surprised my wife but pleased me.We were at our place.They laid down ground rules.I could watch only no touching him or weird shit like that.I sat in the dark corner and grew hard as they made out.He undressed her slowly bit by bit.His mouth covered every inch of her on his way down to her pleasure zone.

  • Smooth and bald.Thats how he found her.Planting small kisses over her.Until his tongue escaped his mouth and made its way between her labia.Up and down.Coaxing her open,even more,little by little.His tongue slid down then darted up suddenly striking her clit,making her utter the tiniest of moans.Her hands slid up her sides and massaged her breasts as if they were under a spell.Down her flat tummy and her fingers ran through his thick dark hair,pushing his face into her moist spot.Soon a finger made its way in,curled upwards.He seemed to pull on her like a door handle,all the while licking her clitoris.She held onto the edge of the bed,arching her back towards the ceiling,twisting her body slightly,responding to his pleasure inducing touch.With his left hand under her as an anchor,he slid speedily the middle fingers of his right hand into her now very slippery,wet pussy.Keeping up the pace until the loudest moan escaped her mouth and her bum suddenly left the bed,female ejaculate spraying out of her juicy slit.She dropped to the bed as the intense orgasm engulfed her whole body like a warm tingly wave of complete physical euphoria.

  • Personally, I can't take this marriage proposal seriously. But if you really want to go in this direction, arrange for someone to contact a male fitting your description, and indicate to him your desire for this. I'm sure qualified men would be willing. Good luck with this.

  • The marriage proposal is legitimate and healthy, and will continue to be, despite my intense and growing cuckold fantasies. It’s only when one tries to make fantasy become reality that things can become tricky.

    With that said, I have started trying. Trust, honesty, communication, and stability are some of the main factors in any relationship, so I’m addressing these factors in my approach to making this happen. Working backwards from the goal of my fantasy to when I first tell my fiancée I’m a cuckold will be done in a few phases. The entire process would be a learning experience that results in both of us understanding each other on a deeper level. No one will proceed, until we’re comfortable doing so. I’m very confident that this will work in my favor.

    My fiancée’s virgin cunt is going to be wrapped tightly around the massive cock of the guy I absolutely loathe. He’s going to own her virginity and I can never get it back. The cuckold angst I’ll experience will absolutely overwhelm me: everyday will feel like a blurry haze, I’ll have countlessly sleepless nights, and I’ll be jerking off the majority of the time.

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