Wednesdays in Maryland

I have a girlfriend who would kill me if she found out what goes on every Wednesday night for the past year and a half. I work for my uncle who has 4 retail stores in New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland. The supply depot is in Jersey and I deliver supplies to all 4 locations. When I go to Maryland its always on Wednesdays and I stay overnight at Diane's apartment. She is my uncles step daughter and runs the store there. She has always been a kook and is four years older than me. She is bossy, admittedly bisexual and just tough looking for a 30 year old woman . She is in a relationship with the same girl for 5 years and is the dominant one I'm sure. She is very blunt with everything and I have stayed in her apartment every Wednesday for about 3 years. About a year and a half ago she unlocked the bathroom door knowing I was in the shower and walked in on me. Right away I covered my genitals with my hands and she just began laughing. Then she said she hasn't seen a naked guy in a long time and began asking me to let her watch me shower. Now I have known her since we were little kids and she never did anything like that before. She kept saying please over and over telling me to move my hands so she could see my penis. I finally just did and she sat down on the toilet while I showered. I can't explain it but I got an erection not intending to and she right away was happy I did. The next thing I knew she talked me into masturbating for her. Now every Wednesday night I tell Diane I'm getting a shower and she comes into the bathroom with me. She sits on the toilet cover and usually has a beer or glass of wine while she watches me shower and jerk off. I never see her naked, not that I would even want to, but I actually like her seeing me naked. Just the way she stares at my genitals is enough to get me aroused. When I masturbate she sits there and smiles but never touches me. Its comical at times because she hoots and claps her hands often when I ejaculate. She just likes watching me and I guess I'm as crazy as she is because they way she looks at me gets me hard. My uncle would shit a brick if he knew about this. I know her girlfriend but she never comes over when I'm there and I'm sure Diane don't tell her what she is doing with me. I used to hate the trip because of the traffic but don't mind it as much knowing I'll be at Diane's that night.

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  • Sounds pretty hot.

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