No Good Turn

My husband is like a real softy and he would give you the shirt off his back. A few months back he went to Loews and brought back this dirty, stinky, nasty looking homeless guy. He said he needs a helping hand and something to eat. He was holding a sign reading, "will work for food." So my hubby brought him home. I didn't want him in our house but he did it anyway. We fed him and my hubby put him to work doing some gardening. Then he let him use the shower in the upstairs hallway. Made him a place to sleep in the family room. Then when he went to get a haircut the following week took him. Oh my God! When they returned I was amazed at the change. He was a very handsome sexy looking man all cleaned up. I was blown away by the transformation. Did I say he was good looking. I found myself talking to him more asking about what happened. He was a really nice polite man a few years older than both my husband and I.

Then one day I was getting my shower and afterwards I had no clean underwear so I put on my little tiny silk robe and went down to the laundry room to get the clean clothes out of the dryer. I observed him getting up from under the covers. He stood up and yawned. His cock had morning wood as my husband calls it. He was so huge. When he saw me looking he went right to the bathroom. I could hear him pissing a hard stream in the bowl. I was so turned on by him. I had to figure a way to get closer. So I waited for him to come out of the bathroom. Then as I walked past him to the steps I pretended to trip and he caught me. I was looking right up into his beautiful blue eyes and my heart was just melting with desire to know him. So I kissed him. He stood me up and looked a bit surprised at what I had done. Then I stood on tippy toe and put my arm around the back of his head and put a lip lock on him. I mean tongue down his throat. The next thing I knew we were making out on the sofa. I undid my robe to reveal I was totally naked. He put his hands on my breast and squeezed them. I rubbed his huge cock through a pair of my husband's boxers.

Shit he was so fucking big. He leaned me back and ran his fingers through my soft dark pubic hair to my clit. It felt so good. The anticipation was killing me. After a bit of foreplay I yanked off the boxers and got busy licking up and down his huge long thick shaft. He was well over eight and half inches. My hubby was just barely six on a good day. Then I popped his cock in my mouth and sucked on him for all I was worth. It was the best head I've ever done on any man. Then he rolled me over and rubbed his huge member up and down my clit making my toes curl up. Fuck me give me your huge cock, I demanded. When he slid it in me I felt a wave of warm emotions rush over me I hadn't felt before. We fucked in all kinds of positions. Him on top, me on top, from behind, reverse cowgirl, from the side, and back to him on top. We finished with him picking me up on his cock and up against the wall. My hubby can't even do that position cause his cock keeps falling out of me. He gave it to me so good I was screaming out for him to fill me full of his cum. Oh My Goodness! He made so much cum. Then I remembered that I had stop taking the pill so my husband and I could conceive. I thought he probably just gave me his baby. Well I was hoping anyway. We have been fucking all the time. I have even slipped out of bed in the early morning hours to go down and sleep with him. Then back to bed with my hubby my pussy full of cum. Luckily for me he's not a morning person or he would find me freshly fucked. I don't care if he never leaves now. I have fallen in love with him and I want his child. No good turn!

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  • Never a homeless man, just my husbands cousins. It started with them flirting, coming into the bathroom while I showered, or slapping me on the ass, or grinding up on me. And it was like my husband was a little pussy and didn't want to say anything. One cousin slept over at a time, each one was suppose to help fix up the house but they only slept and drank, and eventually just fuck me. 4 of his cousins in total, hubby had to have known but still continued to fuck me too, and none of them ever used a condom

  • I've fucked a few skanky homeless women over the years. Surprisingly, most of them clean up pretty nicely with a bleach water bath followed by a half hour shower and a bottle of Febreeze deodorizer squirted up the vag. Highly unsafe sex, though, but so far I haven't caught anything I couldn't get rid of.

  • A friend of my husbands came onto me one afternoon and I ended up having sex with him for six hours. Five days later after being fucked by him some fifty times I know it's an exaggeration but it sure felt like it.
    For the past five weeks he's been taking me daily for several hours and we always talk dirty during sex and it really does wonders.
    He wanted to bring a friend of his and my husbands with him but wanted to ask me first and when he told me who the friend was I said yes well the two of them kept me full for several hours till I just couldn't do it any more. Wore me out. Then the next day the same thing both of them taking me over and over till I'm begging them to slow down or stop. My pussy and ass is sot hot from friction it seems to be burning. The only thing that stops it is having anther cock in there stretching me open again. They introduced me to double penetration and I fell in love even spit roasted.

  • As long as that "burning" isn't the clap.

  • Wow, you may be having memory issues because one day earlier to this posting you posted a story that he knocked you up, left forever, and you are raising his blue eyed daughter with your clueless husband.

  • Haha well spotted,I just read the previous one,damn near identical.

  • Yes I did that one with more detail. It was longer like his marvelous cock. I didn't think it went trough and then redid it with this smaller one like my hubby's cock and left out the part about the child. Besides my husband thinks the baby is his anyway. It just took a few days for them to look at my story before posting it. Anyway I would have not written the second had I known the first one was going to get posted. I like the shortness of the second but the first one gives an in depth view of occurred. I certainly didn't mean for it to happen. But it did. I think it's what happens when men and women are so close. It wasn't a good idea because of this.

  • Just wow.

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