Getting a younger woman pregnant.

I am extremely sexually turned on by the idea of getting a younger woman pregnant.

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  • My little sister, now 28 since October '18, was 13 back in the spring '04, when I was 19, and she was pregnant too. Watching her belly grow then sure made me think about having sex with her, especially when it made my cock so big and hard, no no, I never had sex with her at all. I had moved out already when my dad told me about her pregnancy. I was sexually aroused by his news that she was just 2 months along then. Just 6 days earlier, she was in a dance number with 7 other girls between ages 13 and 15, she didn't look pregnant with the short shorts and bralette she and the other girls all had on. All the high waist short shorts the girls all wore in that dance routine covered over their belly buttons, well I did notice when the girls headed backstage, my sister did pat the front of her short shorts, and she did have just a little bit of a belly there too. Watching my sister pat her barely there belly that day did make my cock grow kind of. I am 34 now, I will be 35 next month of 2019. When she was almost 5 months pregnant, my sister's belly grew almost the size of a basketball. She was a flower girl at a relative's wedding around that time, she wore a loose hanging seethrough top and a little seethrough skirt too, she got a little more attention than even the bride, she even lifted up her top to reveal her then blossoming belly, her skirt covered over where it crested out, so her navel was all covered over, just a little of her belly showed off. That made my cock hard under neath my penguin suit. Since I got to share a room with my then pregnant sister that wedding weekend, I got to see her in her bra and big stretched over belly panties. My sister was very horny that night, baring so little of her belly in her high waistband panties and bra, I got so hard just watching my little sister, I sprayed loads of cum in my tidy whites.

  • My 22yo daughter's due early February 2019, right now she's almost 7 months pregnant with her exfiance's baby. She, and her exfiance broke it off last early June, when she moved back home, then last July 4th, she told me she was pregnant, close to 2 months. I must admit, my dick got hard when I felt her baby, especially since she was still able to wear her volleyball short shorts and sports bra from her junior college days, she doesn't go to college now, especially with her pregnancy. Her figure last July was still thin, although she pointed out her just slightly there baby bump at the time. By the end of July 2018, she was almost 3 months pregnant, I remember the maternity panties and nude bra she had on, when I got home late one night, she came out in the hall dressed in only her underwear, sometimes as she does in our house. When I felt her baby, her baby bump was was a little bigger, her panties stretched over her belly button, though her tummy was still flat between her panties and bra, instead of a 5 inch swath of tummy, it was a 2 inch swath of tummy. Watching my daughter's tummy made my dick so hard, I just jizzed just from feeling her baby.

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