View from the closet

Not too many weeks after some back deck action with a friend and my wife she and I discussed whether he had any continued desire or interest in her so we planned (schemed actually) a little test to get a read on the situation.

Next time he dropped by ostensibly to visit with us I parked my vehicle several blocks away and the story was I was out running a few errands. Instead I had a perfectly comfortable staging and viewing spot in the master bedroom closet able to see through louvred doors.

When the door bell rang my wife answered and opened it wearing a pair of night shorts and an off beige tank top - one that left little to the imagination as to the size of her breasts given that her nipples tended to jut protrude through the material.

“Hey, Josh! Come on in! How goes it?” and similar small talk. She said I should be back in a while and said he could tag along as she did a few domestics and I could hear them chatting away.

Shortly she put him to work carrying up a basket of laundry into the master bedroom and I could see my wife laying out clean tops and several
pairs of her panties on the bedspread for folding. She was facing away from him when he moved in behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She acted surprised but when he told her how great she’d been several weeks back all she said was “Un-huh” in a rather sultry voice. I was more surprised when he nuzzled her neck and she tilted her head and his hands came up from her waist to cup her large breasts and gently tug on her nipples beneath her top. I hadn’t been expecting that and a twinge of jealousy arose in my chest and a jolt of excitement in my cock.

He pressed in behind her and moved his jeans clad groin against her buttocks. She sort of gyrated and pressed back. His hands moved off her tits to her waist and lifted her top up and now he was touching her soft skin and running his fingers up her rib cage to fondle her melons under her tank top.

My cock began to swell and my breath was caught in in throat as he played with her nipples seemingly rolling and gently tugging on them - something I knew made my wife very, very wet.

I reached inside my own shorts and almost at the same time he dropped his hands to her waist band and pulled her’s over her rounded booty, slid them down her thighs to drop them at her ankles.

My finger tips caressed my cock head and dabbled in the slick pre-cum ooze that was seeping from it’s little mouth. He unbuckled his pants and yanked them to the floor his cock was erect and massive dwarfing mine substantially and he rocked it up and between her buttocks probing at her.

My wife leaned forwards over the bed spread and tilted her rear up to ease his access and she reached down between her legs in what I think was an attempt to guide him into her. his hands returned to her waist and he began to push and she grunted then sighed then moaned as he clearly entered her cunt from behind. It was obvious she was wet as I could hear the sticky wet sound as he began to thrust his cock into her slowly then faster and faster until his hips slapped against her buttocks. I was now tugging up and down on my own shaft and was worried he might hear me breathing but the sound of their own gasping likely masked any noise I was making.

My wife always loved doggy style and now was getting a real and proper pounding. One arm was splayed out on the bed for balance, her head was tilted to the side and she was looking right at me practically through the closet door. The look on her face one of sheer pleasure and lust my buddy pumping his member deep into her pussy. Her other arm wasn’t visible but I think she was fingering her own pussy - swirling her clit with her index and middle fingers as she often did when masturbating for me but now pleasuring herself as she was fucked hard right in front of me..

I was frantically cranking my own cock and with a final jack a huge bolt of cum jetted out followed by 3 or 4 smaller pulses. The jizz coated my hand.

With a loud grunt my buddy tensed and apparently shot his cum load deep inside her clenching cunt. She convulsed a half minute later her fingers having stimulated her clit over the edge as his thrusts slowed then he pulled out of her. I imagine a long string load of cum dropped onto the night shorts around her ankles.

I was spent but dared not move. Shortly they departed the bedroom to clean up in the ash room and not too long afterwards my buddy left.

Now my journey is to breech this event with my wife, see how I feel about it and decide where we want this to go.

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