Wife was ripped by BBC

My my and I love to have MFM threesomes the last one we had was with a black friend of ours this was her first bbc we did dp and I fucked her pussy and Paul fucked her asshole I knew she was in pain but would not stop us because she knew we were enjoying our selfs but after we finished she had some blood from a tear in the rim of her butthole where Paul had stretched her to much is this normal and will she get to where she can take big dicks with her tearing any help on this and Thank you in advance

18 days

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    • I watch a young black guy we met on vacation with my wife he had about half of his cock in my wife’s ass and she was yelping when he pushed all the way in she screamed out he had ripped her but she told him don’t stop her asshole hasn’t been the same ever again

    • Lucky lady. Big Black Cocks are the BEST

    • Hope you had safe sex. If not get tested at least you and your wife.

    • I hope his wife got the full experience. Condoms do provide safety from disease and pregnancy, but it does not feel as good as that bare cock and eliminates the feeling of all that semen being injected deep inside of you.

      You only live once…..

      Enjoy sex the way God intended. Intense and bare

    • The same time happened to my wife when she was drunk and went home with a black guy he fucked her ass and he ripped her and she said never again will she let someone fuck her ass. Not only does she love being ass fucked but I have seen her with a black guy that was a good 9 inches long and he had his cock in her ass balls deep and she was loving it. Once that hole gets striched out it can take a good fucking I was surprised how well she could handle a big cock in any of her holes .

    • She will be able to take take him with practice and time she’ll be taken all of his big cock

    • Next time put the bigger dick in her pussy and the smaller one in her ass

    • We did that too!

    • She’s got HPV now. She’s damaged skank now

    • Better than being a judgemental prick though

    • Thank You!

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