Serial cheater

I've been with my wife 10 years. I've been cheating on her off and on for 7. I've cheated on her with 3 women and 4 men. More men than that if you count blowjobs (given and received). My latest fling is my neighbor. A guy. Every Tuesday and Friday like clockwork. Most of the time it's mutual blowjobs. He just loves sucking dick and my wife flat out won't do it. I've gotten to where I rather enjoy sucking his dick. Favorite thing is 69ing. Not just a lay on the side 69. Him laying on the bed with his head slightly off the side. I hover over him, head between my legs and I lay on top of him. Every now and then he gets the urge to fuck me and I'm happy to oblige.

I enjoy fucking my wife but once a month isn't enough. I absolutely love sucking and being sucked by the neighbor. Don't plan to ever stop

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  • I really wish I could cheat.Not with just anyone but the cutest little blue eyed blonde who just started working at my place.Ive already checked out her profile page and her pictures are incredible.I've fantasized about her her so much,when I'm home alone ill wank and all I can think of is her perfect little naked body,bald pussy,cute tiny bum,perfect little perky peach sized boobs.And I'm just fucking her slowly listening to her lovely little moans.Reaching my hands under her little bum and lifting her into me with each thrust.Then ill fuck her hard making her moan louder and faster until she cums on my dick,squirting between us,making me fuck her deeper,till I have my longest,biggest orgasm ever shooting the most cum in her I've ever in my life.I pull out slowly and watch as her well fucked pussy releases my sperm and it runs down her pussy lips,into her bum crack.She rubs it into her lips and clit with her fingers and smiles at me.I tell her she's beautiful and that that was the best sex of my life,she smiles sweetly again and says "me too,so hurry up and get hard I want seconds".
    Well that's my fantasy anyway but that's all it'll ever be because that blue eyed little 21 year old blonde is way outta my 42 year old league and my wife would kill me.

  • Once a month is uncall for. It should be like 2-3 times a week with at least a blow job thrown in. I hate to admit it but a stranger I met while out of town gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever had from a guy. He too was limited to sex with his wife and before you know it he was in my room swallowing my load.

  • I'm a married woman in my late 20s and I'm pretty much a serial cheater.Me and my hubby do have sex alot but he just doesn't hit the spot.After just a year of marriage I hooked up with another guy.He was so good it was unbelievably eye opening.In the first few times I screwed him it was after a night out in a club in a dark alley against a wall.Later on I would go back to his cuz the sex was too good and I wanted more than one round of it.

  • Almost like my girlfriend and my wife now. We met and she was getting sexually satisfied from a guy she met prior to me. I didn’t catch on until one night I saw her opening her apartment door and seen the look in her eyes when she let him in. I thought maybe a close friend but after I discussed breaking it off she admitted he was her lover and the sex with him was beyond believeable and she admitted they would never become serious because he was in a relationship and so was she. She also admitted he was extremely well endowed, had huge balls that hang and could last forever were traits that she adored, not to mention the huge loads he could produce. She admitted it was hard giving that up and that we could try and see how things go. After a few weeks she calls me telling me his girlfriend had found out and threatened them both so they decided it was over. I agree size matters and what you can do with it

  • I admit I got pretty hooked on the sex but also the danger of sneaking around and the excitement it gave.I stopped for a while during our third year of marriage to get pregnant with my husband but after the baby was arrived I was back to being a horny she devil again.I was terrible,would take my 6 month old baby to this guys place and when the baby fell asleep I would screw the guy.Dunno why but was a huge turn on when this guy fucked me while sucking on my milk filled boobs and just feeding on me,gave me great release and induced orgasms like no other.

  • I work on an oil rig. 14 days on. Wife has a fuck buddy that keeps her lubed up while I'm on the rig. Me and my bunk mate suck each other off when we are on the rig. It's all good.

  • Fuck. I would love to work on an oil rig and suck off all the sexually frustrated men until they could return to their wives or girlfriends. Cum feast.

  • I was a serial cheater at one time. Sexless marriage will drive a man mad. I fired her finally as a wife. New wife is hot, sucks and fucks me everyday. I no longer look around for some strange and certainly don't want to mess up a good thing. It's truly amazing wives that don't put out are quite shocked when hubby cheats.

  • I suck off many married men, I love giving head and they are sexually frustrated and denied blowjobs by their wives. I am a gay male.

  • She deserves it, If a wife is unwilling to give head, that shes begging for her husband to cheat (plain and simple)

  • God will surely punish you in his time. you should have your thing cut off forever. shame on you sinner dirty sex maniac.

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