My son

Hello everyone. just for the site my name is Allison, I'm a single mother I have a daughter and a 14 year old son he's been really sexually active since he started middle school, I know he's been sexually active because there's alot of toilet paper in his room and has a terrible cum smell and sometimes you can obviously hear him masturbating in the bathroom. I personally don't have any problems with him enjoying his self but he's been getting off on me, what I mean is he's been taking my underwear shoes heels bras to masturbate with and puts them in the dirty laundry but it's obviously that he cums on my clothing. I was reading other posting from Mom's on here that are going there similar situations like me. but no answers to them just talking about " talking to them to stop" but its obvious that my son has some type of fantasy against me and I know a talk won't just fix the problem it will just embarrass him. I know it's wrong in every way but deep down I want to do it also and obviously hope it will help him from masturbating everyday or at least masturbating off me. But will it be right if I were to give him a handjob ? Please don't be dont judge. I just I want to help my son but in a none incest way


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  • I remember early June of 71, I was 11, I think my mom was 28, it was the first Saturday after the school year had ended, I got home from a sleep over with my 2 buddies at a swim party, we were still in our bathing suits, celebrating our last year of grammar school before moving on to junior high. It was late in the morning, when I got home, I kept my beach towel wrapped over myself to hide my hard dick in my tight little bathing suit, my mom was 6 months pregnant at that time. As I went through the back door, my mom was in her floral blouse and matching skirt, she needed help in unloading groceries from the car. I was still in my bathing suit, when I got done helping with the groceries. Then as I was turning to take a shower, my mom wanted me to feel her baby at that moment, and what a surprise! My mom lifted her blouse up over her bra, and my dick wiggled hard, my heart beat fast, especially at what her tummy had looked like! It was all nice and round underneath that skirt which came just 1 o r 2 inches short of her bra, that little bit of tummy showing, between her skirt and bra, it was paradise! When I felt the baby, I was so sexually aroused like never before, then I felt like I had to pee, but my mom wouldn't let me go, then it happened, my dick erupted cum inside my bathing suit. I said "Oh no mom! I peed something sticky in my bathing suit I gotta clean up!" She said "Sweety don't worry, that sticky stuff is semen, I guess I just couldn't help myself, seeing how your bathing suit arouses me, besides, that bulge turns me on, I'm sure my growing tummy was turning you on anyway." I said "Ok I admit." She said "I kind of thought so." That June day, after I got done with my shower, I helped my mom with her ironing, she wore her big short shorts, showed off her little bit of tummy and bra, I was in just my little shorts. My mom felt proud of her breasts that day, she wore just a bra above her waist.

  • When I was 7, in summer 79, my mom was 31, my relationship with her started july 3. I was sitting in front of the tv in just my ocean pacific short shorts, then my dick got hard. I looked down at the little bulge in my shorts, and was going to go to the bathroom to deal with it there, then my mom came in the room. I kept my legs closed, to no avail, my mom walked in, said "Nice bulge Derek.", and Derek is NOT - NOT my real name btw. My mom was in her bathrobe that day, even after I got home from summer school, then she asked "Perhaps you want to look at my tummy?I know you like doing that!" Just like that, she opened her bathrobe, what a surprise, she was 5 and 1/2 weeks pregnant, her tummy was still flat, though started filling out just a little, especially as her panties stretched lots higher across her tummy than around her back, her pantyhose stretched the same way, too. Then she sat next to me, her tummy was all squishy between her bra and panties, I said "Wow! You're having a baby!?" She said "I sure am, the baby's due early next march." (80) when I stared straight at my mom's tummy, she asked "Is your penis still feeling big?" I said "It is, it's looking at your tummy and wearing shorts that's doing that." First chance I got, I went and wanked in the bathroom. Since I was just 7 then, I couldn't ejaculate, but it sure felt good wanking in my shorts anyway.

  • Don't worry so much, I remember my mom, and me having a thing for each other, since I was 10. I was 9 when my dad was killed in a trucking accident in 1989, he was riding in his friend's car, when it happened. The summer 1990, my mom was 31, she was dating somebody, that didn't work out, they weren't really interested in each other, she broke it off with him in late July. Not long after I was in 5th grade almost in late september, I was doing my homework, when my mom was ironing, she was in her bra, tight little short shorts, there was something weird about her tummy being just a little bigger than I thought, her short shorts seemed a little bigger, too, she wasn't revealing her little belly button, either, it was making my dick hard. Finally I got up, went to my room, took my tanktop off, looked down at myself, rubbed my dick in my ocean pacific shorts, it felt good. After I stopped rubbing myself, as I was ready to put my shirt back on, my mom walked in on me, said "Honey, I'm done with ironing, let talk about something." I hung my face down, when she said "Hey honey, you're not in trouble, relax." Then she hugged me, and asked "Were you checking out my bra honey." I said "Kind of." when I was trying to put my tank top back on. Then she said "You can leave your shirt off if you want." I said "Thanks." Then she said "It's ok to look." when I stared at her tummy in kind of a shy way, when she said with a big smile "Do you know you're going to be a big brother?" I said "What?" She said "That's right, honey, my baby's due near the end of next February.(1991)" She was almost 4 months pregnant at the time she told me. She smiled when I felt her tummy, then she moved my hand across the front of her short shorts, noticed the bulge in my shorts, and did a handjob down there, when I smiled. From that day on, we both had our tummy times together, she had my little sister a little over a week after my 11th b-day, and almost a month before my mom's 32nd b-day...

  • ...incidentally, back in July 1990, we were camping up by a lake, I (at 10) was in my speedo, my mom (at 31) pulled off her shirt, was in her bra, the way she showed off her tummy, since she was seated in a lounge chair, made me hard in my speedo, especally as her tummy got squishy, and those short shorts she was in, at that time, I didn't know that she was even pregnant, close to two months then, didn't hear that she was pregnant until September 1990, though some how, at 10 yo, started at 8 yo, I found my mom's tummy attractive at that time. Back in 1988, my mom was 29, as I said I was 8 then, my dad was on the road, my mom went out with her girlfriends, when she got home late one night, she opened up her dress, I was in my underpants, when I saw how high her halfslip was, almost up to her bra, I was turned on, my mom asked "Like what you see, honey?" I said "Yeah!" The she took off her halfslip, out came her high waist panties, was my dick hard for 8 yo, I found her tummy cobtrol panel a total turn on.

  • I agree with the prior comments that you should buy some different colored panties, bras, half slips, and some control panties and make sure your son sees you wearing them often. After he's seen you wearing them a lot, take him into your room and tell him that you understand how exciting it is for him to wear, and/or masturbate in your lingerie, so this is why you have given him several sets of your lingerie. Also include some pantyhose and thigh high stockings and show him how to put them all on. Tell him that you would be honored to have him wear all your lingerie either around the house and/or under his clothes whenever he goes out. Explain to your daughter not to make fun of him if she sees him wearing his new lingerie. Then once he starts wearing them regularly, walk into his room when he has them on and offer to give him a helping hand, and then teach him how a woman masturbates and
    how to give her the most pleasure. If you want to expand into oral, go for it. I believe things won't go any further, but if he wants to make love to you, be open to that and let him. If not he will start going after his sister, and you as his mother are better prepared for the emotions that his sister will have to face from him fooling around or fucking his
    sister. I think a mother's duty is to teach her son all about sex.

  • You do what you feel is right. A hand job or blowjob is fine.

  • To help him in a non-sexual way, you should take him to a therapist. Talk to him and remove the temptation from his access. He will get over you after a while.

    To help him, in my opinion. If you feel like you want to try it then give him a little hand job and see how it feels. It may be wrong to society, but it only matters what you and your son think. You know he would love it obviously but it depends entirely on how you feel about it.

    You to should be happy, whether that means sex or not. I am biased, I would love to have sex with my mom, so take what this with a grain of salt. :)

    Please ask me any other questions you have about this, I would love to help you, and everything I would say would be as honest as possible.

    My questions:
    What does the daughter have to do with any of this, or was she just a side note?
    Don't feel like you have to answer this one but how is your sex life with your husband/partner?
    How strong is your "deep down" desire to "do it also."

  • When my mom kicked my dad out for cheating on her, I was just 10 and started having cums for that age, she turned and hit on me. I had just gotten home from tennis practice, when she broke the news to me, we both agreed my dad was difficult to get along with anyway, no love lost. That day, our relationship just started became sexual. My mom was 30 at the time, she looked smoking hot, she thought that of me too. We both got naked, had sex, my first time to have sex in my life. Almost 2 months later, I was in just my tennis shorts and was in the middle of getting ready for tennis practice, then my mom opened her dress, out came her bra, her halfslip was pulled way over her still flat tummy, she'd never wore her clothes that way before. She showed off her 2 inch swath of tummy, not the 4 to 5 inch swaths like she some times did. It was 1999 back then, she smiled ,turned sideways, there was a bump across the front of her halfslip that wasn't there before, took my hand across the front of her halfslip, she said she was pregnant with my baby. I got so hard that day in my tennis shorts that when I was just about to open the back door to go to tennis practice, I just couldn't stop thinking about how I got my mom pregnant at age 10, and still in the 4th grade! Since I couldn't stop thinking about how I got my own mom pregnant, I skipped tennis practice that day especially as my cock stuck straight out in my tennis shorts. When I headed back in my room, my mom understood, and wanted me to feel our baby instead, she was still in her halfslip and bra, I stripped to my underpants, my mom did a handjob on the bulge of my underpants, I felt my mom's baby bump, then I erupted in my underpants, and my mom still rubbed my cock anyway.

  • Minu poeg tegeles ka minu aluspükstega.Mõtlesin kaua selle üle kuni kutsusin poja enda voodisse.Siis andsin talle seda imeasja nuusutada et ta jätaks minu püksid rahule.Poeg läks nii hasarti täis et tegime seda asja poole ööni.Igatahes jättis ta minu pükstega mängimise.

  • Next time u think hes wanking his chain, interrupt him, drop to your knees and give him head.

  • On the early morning I was set to leave for college, while I was still sleeping, my mom came into my room and gave me a blowjob. I'll never forget it. I woke up during it, she put a hand on my chest and just told me to lay back. I couldn't believe it. All sorts of stuff was flying through my head. I finally began to enjoy it and relaxed. After 10 minutes or so, I ejaculated into her mouth. She swallowed and continued on for another 5 minutes. It was the most erotic thing I had encountered in my then short life. Never happened again and we never spoke about it.

  • Shit dude, I'd have eaten her pussy until I was hard again, then fucked her for a good long time.

  • Suck him instead and explain that it's normal

  • I had a similar problem with my son when he was about the same age. I started leaving my strapon out where he could see it. He stopped stealing my panties soon after.

  • My daughter is 13. She materbated a lot since she was 9. She eventually had sex. Give it time . The walls will crumble

  • No handjobs, fuck, get your head on straight. That's crazy. As far as him jerking off into your panties, that's normal. I raised two boys, and there would be so much dried cum on my panties that they almost stood up straight--hard and crispy. Just let it go. And yes, he thinks about fucking you, but that is normal too. Just don't encourage it.

  • Good advice mom , aside from the point of not encouraging it. It's 2018 & one should expect the unexpected, period. She should just let it go.

  • Buy a couple pairs of panties -- different color than you use, so they won't get mixed up. Make them a gift to him. Make him responsible for the wash, and tell him to leave your stuff alone.

  • Should I wear them before giving them to him ?

  • Of course you should wear them first that is what will give him the thrill, if it’s just unworn panties there’s nothing special about them.

  • I didn't buy any panties for him instead I talked to him about it, he does have fantasys about having sex with me he says he masturbates to my clothe because hmit makes him feel sexually close to me I told him it's wrong and what not, but since then he stares at my body alot with out even trying to hide it, it's as if he's not embarrassed about it anymore. Did I make it worse ?

  • You need to get off the drugs, Miss.

  • Keeping it in the family is best, after mum caught me wanking I was sent to my uncle and aunt for what I was told adult teaching, I was taught by both of them they said I should have the best of both worlds, I am really glad I haven't missed out

  • My mom walked in om me wanking once when I was 13. I had a pair of her freshly worn panties draped over my face. She walked up to me and pulled down her pants and pressed her wet pussy in my face and asked me if that was what I wanted. I immediately blew my load all over her hand as she reached down and gave my cock a couple of strokes. After that night, she helped me masterbate often, and eventually we started doing oral on each other. The best night of my life was when she finally let me slip my cock in her warm, wet vagina. It was the closest thing to Heaven that I can imagine. Incest gets such a bad wrap, but when you take away all the BS, there is nothing wrong with family members showing their love for each other in the most intimate way possible.

  • Well stated document. No one could say it better.

  • I could not agree more. I have 2 kids with my mom and the third is coming along soon. See comment below. There is definitely a lot of misinformation about incest out there. I have found out that it is more common than I would have every thought and my kids are all happy healthy kids with no issues.

  • Exactly. The u.s. is just has a lot of dark age, archaic mindsets regarding sexual mores. Many support your facts which are certainly documented. Well done.

  • Y'all must be from Kentucky!

  • Do it. Then, fuck him.

  • Speaking as mum and from experience of similar experience, if you are both ok with it give him a hand job, but it wont stop at a hand job next will be a blow job, it will not stop there and you will not want to stop what happens next, a mum should help and teach her son everything, please remember he is only 14 and under age, A relationship is still happening with me 12 years later and we cant stop, I don't think I can publish the full details of how the relationship advanced from a hand job to the full taboo or anybody would really want to know?

  • I would love hear about it to

  • I would love to hear about it

  • In reply to your comment and seeing as your interested I will give you some details, as my son grew older and bigger and stronger he started to grab me at every opportunity I complained but not to much, he kept walking into my bedroom at bedtime so I started to lock the door even though I didn't want to, so he stopped trying to get in except one night I forgot the next I knew I was awakened with him on top of me rubbing his erection on me I didn't resist I opened wide and let him get on with it, I know its shocking what I did and what we are doing now

  • Don't feel guilty you both wanted sex, incest in families happens but nobody will openly talk about it, its been going on for thousands of years, if your both up for it have your pleasure from each other

  • Thank you. Many of us are interested & understand that no one can expect to control NATURE & INSTINCT. That is what you're describing. More importantly, we should all comprehend that it is instinctual & there is NOTHING wrong with these practices. These are fundamentals between a man & a woman, period. Good luck to you and your newly LOVING son!! May your personal intimacy carry you to newly satisfying emotional satisfaction.

  • I actually have a similar situation with my mom. I used to use her panties to jack off and I would try to put them in the washing machine before she would notice because I thought she would be mad. She asked to share my room one night because her room had an A/C issue and I kept noticing her pushing up against me and I was already hard and her pushing against me was when I first realized that she wanted me too. I reached over to touch her and that was the first time we had sex. We got really carried away and found out a month and a half later that she was pregnant. Long story short, we had a son, had a daughter 1 year later, and our second son is due May 23. It definitely will it stop with a handjob but you shouldn’t want it to stop. It will be incredible. There is nothing hotter than being in the delivery room with your mom delivering your baby and knowing that he/she is coming out of the same place I came from.

  • We all want to know.

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