Payback Racist boyfriend

Went to a party with a friend one night to let loosen up after a break up a few weeks prior from a long time bf. My bf and i were together for a few years till he started becoming judgemental about me and and black people. Picking fights with them. Dont like them talking to me. So i was done with it and we split. Was having a great time at this party my friend and I went to. First time I dressed up in a long time, I dressed in a low cut tank top, which my tits were really sticking out. And I wore a pair of super tight jeans. So tight I couldn't even wear boy shorts which is normally the kind of underwear I wear. That night I had to wear a g-string. Was having a great time. Played a few rounds of beer pong. Then it was 11 at night.I wanted to head home but My friend was going to stay but this black guy named Jay who I met at the party and played a few rounds of beer pong with offered to take me home. It was like half hour drive to my place. We talked the whole way. Got to my place, he came in to use the bathroom. We talked for a good 20 mins. I had a good buzz going and I was kinda horny. As he was headed for the door. I made a move on him and started kissing him. First black guy I ever been with. We slowly got all our clothes to the bed, I sucked his dick for quite awhile. He was so enormous. I eventually hopped on his dick and rode it for a long period of time. I was so wet. He fucked me doggy style, he got on top of me, we did 69 in between, then I got back on top of him and rode him cowgirl, all for long periods of time. He had so much energy and he really wanted to fuck me. I had already came twice already. He is still going. He turns me over and shocks me by eating my asshole for few mins. Which was a first for me. Joey then sticks his dick in my ass. He fucking me anal for few mins before I ask him to stop cause it hurt. He then takes his dick and puts it in my pussy , starts fucking me like crazy puts his hands on my shoulders and really aggresively fucks me. I was really enjoying this. He was grunting really loud, yelling fuck alot. He tells he is about to cum. Seconds later he Blew his load right inside me. Felt so great. Very powerful and strong shots of cum he shot. There was just such force when he blew his load. Its like he was building that load up for weeks. Good thing im on birth control im pretty sure he would got me pregnant with that load. He left about an hour later. Before he left we took a few pics. Posted them online and my ex saw them and was so jealous. jay left, every so often text each other and send pics to each other. When we are in each others areas which big distance living wise for both of us. We will meet up, then go to each others places or a hotel and have a quickie. Sex is so amazing with Jay.


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  • He's probably wanting some BBC himself. If it's not a guy I'd pound that bitches cunt good and hard and shoot my jiz all over her face and tits then stick it in her soft little mouth a while. White people fucking kill me. Think they can be a social champion or something. Bitch I don't need your fucking help. Except Jo ass on my cock maybe. That is if your a real ho and not some fucking stupid sissy fag boy.

  • Lol the guy writing this is Jay oh maybe Joey

  • So was his name Jay or Joey?

  • Great read

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