College classmate

Im 21 and currently in college in Virginia, I originally live in Pennsylvania. I also have a boyfriend from high school back in PA. I been in college for two years. When I started college I met a nice friend who is also my classmate in at least one class ever since I been in college. His name is Malcolm he is a foreign exchange student from Africa. We hang out a lot on campus and help each other with our studies. I noticed he started getting flirty with me a lot more as time went along. One day after class we are back. In my dorm and out of no where he puts the move on me and we started making out. I was surprised but didn't push back. I was always curious what it be like to be with a black man. Malcolm was actually a really good kisser. We only made out for about ten mins shortly after Malcolm departed.
I was really stunned and shocked by his kissing and wanted more.
Friday after class Malcolm and I went back to my dorm , where my roommate already left for the weekend. We did homework together and listen to music. I was itching for that kiss again. Sure enough short while later we started making out again. This time I wanted to take it further. We started stripping down clothes. We were down to his boxers and my thong. We laid on the bed. We started kissing as I moved my hand down to rub his cock. Oh mighty was it hard and huge. I was getting butterflies knowing I'm about to take this cock. I sit up quick pull my thong off and then slowly pull his boxers down. Oh my God. What a huge black dick. Beautiful shiny erect straightly in the air black dick. My boyfriend back home his cock was only half this size of Malcolm's cock. Malcolms cock was even really thick. So I began to suck his cock. His cock is so big I was only able to get head of his cock in my mouth. I was ready to fuck him. Malcolm had a condom so I placed it on his cock. Then I hopped on and started riding , it felt so good. His cock was so huge inside me. He was loving me riding his dick, he was moaning a lot. We switched positions as I got into doggy style position. He slowly slid his dick in me. Started to pick up speed until he was full on fucking me. With in minutes, he shouted he was going to cum. Then he came. We laid together. He carefully pulled off the condom that was filled half way with cum and threw it in trashed and laid back down with me. We kissed for awhile. He never got limp and I noticed as I rubbed it again. We kissed for awhile longer in bed until he told me he was ready to go again. I was surprised cause my boyfriend back home was usually done after 1 round. So even though we didn't have a condom we fucked anyway. He got on top me with my ankles by his ears and started fucking me with such aggression. About few mins later he started breathing heavy and moaning until he said ''oh God I'm about to cum'' ''I can't hold it'' I told him cum in my pussy. Sure enough he let out a load grunt and came inside me. So much power in that ejaculation. Malcolm was amazing. We would fuck a few more times after this. But its my greatest dirty little secret.

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  • Lucky you didn't end up with a disease or a single mother.

  • Jealous white guys ☝🏾

  • Can we get some of these stories written by women that are true confessions

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