My new boyfriend

My name is Steph blonde hair, athletic body, with 38 double ds and a nice curvy butt. I wrote on here before about my expierence in college with black guys. And summed up my expierence so far.
in that short story I mention a guy named Eric and Id like to go more into detail about him.

So I dated a guy named Tyrell and he eventally went off to another school, well I was still wanting to date black guys. Just love how dominate, aggressive, demanding and contrast of there skin against mine, soft lips, big cocks and the great stamina they have during sex.
was on my Facebook looking through people you may know. I stumbled across a black guy named Eric who lived near the college but didnt go to the college.
he was about 6 feet tall, and he was a little chunky, really dark black skin. I thought he was cute wearing his football Jersey,bling around his neck and had a lid on.
so I figure I message him, wrote him a message first telling him who I am and I go to the college in his town. He message back like instantly said hi and we exchanged messages the rest of the day. He mentioned how he is 22( Im 24) looking for a job and lived in his moms house down the street from the college. He says he has been single for 7 months.
so I got to the point in the message and told him Im really into black guys and was lookin for a fuck buddy and was asking if he wanna meet up some time and fuck. He replied back and said he was down. He said I look sexy.
He asked when do I wanna meet up for sex I said how about Friday night which was the next day at my dorm when my roommate went home for the weekend. He said sure thing he text me when there.
friday came, classes finished, roommate left for the weekend. I went to shower for tonight to be all fresh, got dressed in a cute yellow dress, no bra and a pink g string straightened my hair.
6pm rolled around and I went outside to sit well moments later Eric showed up. I was like wow this man is really really dark super black and his voice when he said hey gave me tingles down below and he smelled great. We talked outside for a few mins as we talked and I looked into Erics eyes I can only imagine how pissed my parents would be for me meeting up with a black man and having sex. I got super horny as I thought about if I wasnt on birth control and I let this man cum inside me and got pregnant, my parents would be super pissed but also Id be eliminating the rascism from my family
We finished up talking outside and went inside to my dorm, got in the room and talked for a little bit in there.
then I gave Eric a hug and we started kissing. He was quick to put his hands on my ass and start squeezing. His lips felt amazing. I was already wet. We wasted no time taking clothes off. He took my dress and g string off. I took his hat and Jersey off and started kissing him more. I started unzipping his pants and he was down to these tight boxer briefs. Which I can see a Huge bulge. We kissed more i looked into his eyes and said i crave black cock then I got down on my knees and pulled his boxer briefs down. And exposed a at least 7 Inch cock but super thick cock. Smaller but thicker than tyrells cock.
I started sucking him off like crazy. I was sucking his dick like it was going out of style. He was loving it and he couldnt believe a white chick can suck a dick that good. Then swapped and he ate me out like crazy. Im gonna sum up the rest of our time quick
Then he got on top and started fucking me. Fucked me for a good ten mins. I was having orgasms all through out our sex every few mins. We switch I got on top him and started grinding away that thick cock felt so great and fulfilling inside me. He kept grabbing and licking my tits while I was on top. As I was grinding away he said girl Im gonna cum. I said to him yes cum inside me. He tensed up and exploded inside me. So much cum inside me.
But he was no where near stopping we got into a 69 position on the bed that felt like it went forever until he exploded in my mouth. Eric said come on girl doggy I want it now. I get into position. Slaps my ass and does a lot of dirty talk during doggy. Slaps my ass, pulls my hair says dirty things like you love this cock and dirty white whore, he really drills me in doggy he pulls out and shoots a load on my back.
We then move to a reverse cowgirl style fuck in that position for awhile till I got off kneeled on the floor as he jerked off till he came on my tits.
At this point Im tired as hell but he isnt ready to stop. And I knew one good thing about black men is they appreciate good sex and love to be please. So I keep going for him.
We lay down and kiss for a little bit he is fingering me while I jerk him off. Then he says get in doggy position, I get in position and he just goes at it then moments later he exploded inside me. We lay down together kiss for awhile. It was 11 at night. We decided just to fall asleep together.
It was such a great night of sex he had great stamina and kept going. Few days later I ask him if he wanted to be my boyfriend. He said yes. This great sex night happened in February 2017 and we are still dating currently in summer of 2017. We have sex every other day. And its amazing. My last semester of college is in fall and I dont know if I will be able to part from Eric. I know my parents wouldnt accept him. But black men are such amazing partners. We will see what happens.

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  • I'm a married man... and I sure do love sucking a nice black cock and swallowing a mouthful of cum. I really like a hard black cock -- especially an uncut black cock. Black guys know us white married men love sucking their cocks.

  • Hi Steph, good to have you back. I think we exchanged pics, but I lost that email acct, will create a new one.

  • What's your email

  • Color dont make you a good lover being a good person does

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