Ugh, He Did It Again

So today is Wednesday, a.k.a. Hump Day, a.k.a. My pussy is dripping wet all morning. Why? Three letters: J - O - N. Same Jon at work who got me turned on at work before Columbus Day (or the newly-known Indigenous People Day).

He's already at work by the time I get there. A few minutes later, I am starting to drip and it just continues. Drip, drip, drip. It doesn't stop. I get some alone time with him. Drip drip drip some more. Heart is racing, like usual. He shows me a picture of him shirtless. There's a sexy tribal tattoo on his flexed right arm (I am getting wet again as I type this). Why did he show it to me? Did he know I'd like it?

So more than an hour later, my co-worker Ms. Going to Punta Cana for Her Birthday is once again telling Jon what not to do during his birthday vacation. Jon's pretending not to listen and while I stand with Ms. Going to Punta Cana for Her Birthday, Jon is doing that one stretch where your upper arms are parallel to the ground and your arms are bent to make an acute angle. Except he's flexing his arms and looking at me. Good thing I was holding onto his cubicle walls because I think I would have collapsed on the floor in heat. He then winks at me while Ms. Going to Punta Cana for Her Birthday is trying to make him listen to her.

I think I was smelling my own wetness so if Ms. Going to Punta Cana for Her Birthday she smelled my dripping wet pussy from where she was standing, I apologize. But blue eyes (biggest weakness), big muscles over there was really turning me on. He needs to pin me to a damn wall or bed now! Guess I'll be using my purple vibrator mom bought me years ago while he's away for the upcoming week.

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  • Very nicely written. Thank you.

  • You're welcome.

  • I'm sure there's another muscle he'd like to flex for you.

  • Slip your wet panties off and give them to him with a post it note that has your address on it. He will be there before you get home, I guarantee it.

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