So into taboo family chat especially when partying!

So into taboo family chat especially when partying! Especially young daughter and mature!

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I get turned on at school

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    • We had a hot tub opening night,just my wife Paula and I and our daughter Kim and her boyfriend luke,they're both 18,me and luke got in first and watched our women get in wearing their bikinis!! Now luke didn't know that I'd found a dirty video of him fucking my daughter on her phone! After a few beers the girls decided to go inside giving me the opportunity to quiz luke! I showed him the film and he tried to apologise! It's ok I said,anymore on your phone? He had loads! What do you think about Paula I asked him! I find older women hot he said! Then you'll like what I've got son! I showed him Paula naked on our bed with her hairy cunt out!! Love to swap with you I said! I really want to fuck my daughter and want her boyfriend to fuck my wife

    • Growing up my only sister was 6 years older than me. When I was 5-6 she was 11-12 and we used to take showers together, she would basically wash me while washing herself. This happen until she was 14 and I was 8. I saw her develop her breasts and pubic hair. we stopped when I gotan erection one day. FF a few years 12 and she is 18. She would walkd in a men's flannel shirt with only the bottom 4 buttons on. No panties and she would walk around bent over and I would see her lips and clit. I have undressed her while she was sleeping and masterbated right next to her naked body. I have stood outside her bedroom door fully nude hard as a rock. Sliding my erect cock against her door while she was awake. I want to cum deep inside her. I would even fuck her and my mother. I want to fill them up.

    • I am suspicious on my step son and his mother ime almost sure something is going on between

    • I am married for the second time my wife has a son by her first marrage he recently started working away, everything seemed normal and ran smoothly, her son worked away for a month at a time and was home for ten days, his mother always insisted she picked him up from the airport, he was due to land at noon, before my wife gets ready to go out she lays all her clothes out on the bed ready then has a shower, I noticed something I thought odd, she had laid out a blouse, skirt, shoes, stocking and a suspender belt, no bra or knickers, when we go out in the evening, if my wife is ready for a major screwing session this is what she wears ready for when we get home, I was dumbly thinking why now, and I thought no it couldn't be happening, when she pick him up it usually should take about a hour and a half there and back but they are missing for three hours or more, when I ask why it took so long she makes some excuse about shopping ?

    • OK so lets hear what you have to say, I have my own suspicions my self about my wife

    • What do you suspect?

    • I caught my mum naked with her sister

    • Hot, what were they doing?

    • They looked a bit flustered and said they were going to try on dresses which they do when they have a new one or lend to each other, it did look as if I had interrupted something, I experienced an involuntary sexual reaction I've never had before seeing my mum and aunt naked, my vagina was oozed with cum, could I be bisexual and not known until now, it was a strange reaction to have seeing close family relations naked I am thinking taboo thoughts about what I saw and what they were about to do, I wasn't disgusted, I couldn't leave myself alone . of am I wrong

    • I'm only son my four sisters are 5, 6, 7, and 15 years older, I never did anything wrong in my mom's eyes till 11 years old, I then noticed I was different than the guy friends my age, my sister 7 years older than me came in my room and looked at me and for weeks touched and poked nothing else, mom caught her and ripped her a new one, mom asked why and she said mom he's big!! And then it took off, mom and me then all sisters till I was taken to foster care.

    • That's so hot to hear about! My mother used to walk around in sheer bra and pantyhose all the time when I was young, and I used to hey so hard. Then when I stayed for a few months when I 21, she still did the same thing. I think about that now and have to jerk off! We actually almost fucked around once. Kinda wish we had!

    • What would you like to chat about, you say you like taboo family chat that subject can be very difficult for some families to openly talk, on these posts nobody knows who your, so why not open a subject and see what respace pop up, I will give me name as Jak

    • Any fantasies that's kegao. But into father daughter, mother etc

    • Tell us more

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