Hot Tub Oops

A while back I was about to get in my hot tub when one of the neighbors came over to borrow the mower. While he went to get it from the shed, I slipped into the tub. When he came back, he stopped to talk and I noticed he kept on staring at me a little more than usual. I mean it is nothing new about him seeing me in my bikinis, so I was not too concerned. Kept talking for about 15-20 minutes before he shuffled off to do his work. It was then when I realized why he was staring at me so much. You see, I had not noticed that I had worn one of my see-thru wet bikini when I got into the tub and he got a sheer view of my nipples and trimmed bush. Kind of embarrassing and turn on for me. He definitely looks at me in a different light now.

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  • I would have gotten naked and joined you. Then we could have played hide the torpedo in that trim bush of yours. I know you gals get turned on flashing us men. You really want is a hot sexual encounter. Sex with no strings.

  • Why wear a bikini at all, after all it’s your hot tub and your yard! This way you can have some fun with the neighbors coming over more often and trying to sneak a peek. More fun than sitting around in a bikini I’d think..

  • I learned how to make bikinis and used to sell them on the pier for extra cash in the summer. I would put cute charms on them, and I could sell them cheap so girls loved them. But I didn’t line them or anything so a day after I sold them there would be a ton of girls on the boardwalk in see through suits.

  • I am always pressing my wife to dress more provocative or revealing. The fact that guys will check her out doesn't make me jealous or mad, it turns me on to know they want what I have. Lol. Keep up the great work you tease!

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