I get turned on at school

I recently started masterbating and i cant stop! At school i get turned on and ive had to go to the bathroom to do it. My spanish teacher is hot and i show myself off to him sometimes to see how he reacts. Usually i undo my top bitton on my shirt, but i started doing more. I go to the bathroom and take off my underwear and go back to class. Then i sit with my foot on the chair so he can see up my shorts. Ive seen him look and he acts like he doesnt. I know thats bad but it gives me something to think about when i go home.

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  • Ok so at first I was too scared to do it, but today I did with the shorts. Their kinda loose and they open up more around my legs. So i sat in my desk and i put my foot up and at first he wasnt looking so i stayed like that for a while. Then after a while i looked up and he was totally checking me out! I dont know what im gonna do next but omgggggggg!

  • Tomorrow i want to try with a skirt or these kinda loose shorts. I was practicing in front of my mirror but im kinda nervous so yeah i dont know

  • As a teacher, im sure he does see, teachers, like parents, know and see it all

  • I did it again today and he was totally checking me out! Omg

  • Omg i wish i could

  • Stay after school and meet him by the gym

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