I live in Atlanta and I go out flashing women 3 or 4 times a week

I live outside of Atlanta ga and there are a lot of opportunity to flash while im masturbating. I have used google maps to locate places that are safe and where there are mostly women around. a couple colleges like berry in Gainesville are all female and are great locations. I only flash women in groups of two or more. it gives them a more safe feeling and they always stop to watch. I have never seen a cop. I pose no threat. I just love it when I see them approaching me and I am stroking my cock. I sit where they will see me and walk up on me. I cum twice as much knowing Im being watched by total strangers. I want to advertise my location on certain dates and times so interested people can see me. what do u think? if you new where I was going to be every week would u swing by?

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  • We know you do prince andrew

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