I would do/give anything for a girl to kick me in the nuts

I'm a 23 year old guy, and since my early teens I would've (and still would) do/give just about anything to get a girl to give me my first kick in the balls. I know it's kinda messed up, and I can't explain why I want it. Hell I've never even had my nuts hurt in any way in my life, so I have no idea from experience how bad it would hurt, or what to even expect for the pain I'd experience. All I do know is that there is a major part of me that has been and is still dead set on finding a beautiful girl, and offering her anything I could get her, even if it means also shamelessly beggjng her on my knees, just to gift me with what would certainly be the most painful experience in my life, for the top of her bare foot to slam into and send the only physical representation of my manhood hurtling into my guts, and eagerly watching as my semi lifeless body rises with her foot, and immediately falls back to the floor next to it, where it will remain as my mind will only be able to focus on the agonosing pain that I had begged her to gift to me.

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  • I have it done to me and it is a rush
    But what's better is, my wife and I get naked, stand facing each other, and take turns kicking each other. She kicks me in the balls as hard as she can then I kick her in her pussy hard as I can. My wife is a little on the chubby side with a real meaty pussy, and it will really make a load crack when I kick it just right. We do this until one of us crys uncle. It's went so far as both of us have missed days from work, because her pussy lips were swelled up the size of bananas, and my balls the size of grapefruits. But sure feel better about each other, and it doesn't leave bruses that others can see.

  • Hey,how about this to whoever wanted to get hit in the balls,let a miniature horse bite off your balls stupid,you wouldn't worry about getting hit in the balls

  • Уедн,нit in the f*cking balls,stupid for wantin',yeah

  • Шну ш[]ц|[) апу gцу щапт т[] g£т нiт iп тне пцтs? нцгт уоцгs€|f,
    таке a few []f those hairbands women use to hold their hair back and put them tightly around your balls,I have done that,it hurts

  • That's easy, just fuck her sister.

  • Уеан,'сацsе sне шоцld sцrеlу нiт нiм iп тне ьаlls апd dгор нiм,тнат sooksin(son of a bitch)

  • Ha ha,good one that's funny

  • Sometimes a fantasy is best left being a fantasy. Remember you were warned when your waiting in the ER in mortal pain with a rupture.

  • Гцртцгеd,с дп'т f*с к?по моге? Raspizdyai(a stupid guy)

  • Better kicked in the balls than shot in the balls,I've heard about that

  • No doubt. I love letting my wife play rough with my balls, and she likes squishing them, and while she might joke about popping them....no thanks

  • You clearly nee a dominant mistress to abuse you. Why not try a specialist BDSM dating site ? There is almost certainly someone out there who would 'get a kick' out of granting your wish.

  • Must be a Muslim thing not normal haaha

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