Fantasy becomes reality

For a long time I’ve fantasized about watching my wife having sex with other men. I told her of my desires, but she refused to even consider doing this. To tell the truth, I am not sure if I really wanted it to happen either. It was sexy to think about, but the idea of the woman I love actually giving herself to another man, actually fucking someone else was just a bit too much.

Then, a few years later we were out of town staying in a small hotel. We had finished dinner and moved to the bar for a night cap, when two young guys sitting next to us struck up a conversation with us. I noticed that they were very attentive to my wife and she loved their attention. They ordered a bottle of wine and asked if we would join them in one of the booths away from the bar, I thanked them, but suggested that we had a long journey next day and that we should probably turn in for the night, but they were insistent and my wife also seemed keen to carry on the evening, so I agreed and we moved over to a candle lit booth in the corner. After we had been chatting for a while I offered to buy a last round of drinks for everyone and made my way over to the bar. It was quite busy so I was gone a little longer than I had expected.
As I returned with the tray of drinks I could see that one of the guys was in my seat. My wife was now in the corner sandwiched between the two men. She appeared to be sitting much lower in her seat and the guys had leaned in to face her. As I approached the table I could see that they were putting their hands inside her shirt and fondling her breasts. I was shocked that they didn’t stop when they saw me approach, but I also felt very aroused. I quickly set down the tray and took the end seat so that I could watch my long time fantasy unfold before me. I could see from there what was happening under the table. They had a hand on each leg holding them wide open so that they could get their fingers deep into her pussy and by the look on her face and her rapid breathing, she was loving every minute. I glanced around to see if anyone had noticed, but our corner was quite dimly lit. I suggested that we take things upstairs and my wife nodded in agreement. As soon as the elevator doors closed, the guys had their hands all over her, pulling open her clothes and exposing her breasts as they kissed and sucked on them.
Once we reached our floor, we quickly got her into the room and the guys lowered her onto the bed, discarding the last items of clothing. I watched eagerly as they quickly undressed and took positions between her legs and by her face. It was mesmerising to watch as the two strangers started to fuck my wife. To my surprise I experienced none of the feelings of jealousy that I had imagined, just the rising sexual tension as I watched their fat cocks take turns to stretch my wife’s soaking pussy. Then for the first time in my life I felt myself cum without even touching myself, such was the intensity of my excitement. I slumped back in the chair and watched each of the guys finish, shooting their cum all over her breasts and face. There was something so awesome about seeing her beautiful naked body glistening with perspiration and splashes of semen, still sandwiched between these two strong men who were already kissing and stroking her as they prepared her for another round of intense fucking. I started to gently stroke my own hardening cock in readiness to join them this time.

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  • Its wonderful that you allowed her the pleasure of a nice fucking by strangers and that you weren't jealous of men having their cocks in your wife. Sounds like they were well hung.

  • Yes my wife and I have a similar relationship.I wouldn't have said I was a cuckold at first but I did know she had lovers.We're in our mid thirties she's in the best of shape but I'm not so it made sex a problem.So we made an arrangement that she could have sex with other men as long as I wasn't around.But one afternoon I came home from work a few hours early.Once inside I could hear her moaning and the bed creaking.I was curious so went to spy on them.She was on her back with her legs wide open.A very tanned but not black guy was pounding between her legs.My wife does know alot of foreign guys through her work.He was going very hard and fast and she sounded close to orgasm.I watched and was surprised to feel my dick get hard.Soon she came followed by him.He pulled out and was very big and his cock was dripping cum.I thought it exciting she had him without protection.He moved over her head and she sucked him clean.I quietly left.Later that evening in the shower I masturbated to what I had witnessed.

  • Nice story.
    Cuckold is the word for this, and yes I'm one. However we have never had luck like this, picking up men in a bar like that. Most of the time her gentlemen dates are either men my wife knows. Or from online dating sides. Which usually takes a casual visit first.

  • Lovely but does not seem truly genuine.

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