Straight male cross dressing

My husband has been cross dressing for 10 years since before we were married, he brought to my attention some vile criticism against similar fetish males posted on this site and we can't understand why.
I love my husband and I like him being himself, he looks very cute when home totally feminine and doing most of the housework, we do not infringe on others although we do go for drives or to the park with him dressed it is just a nice few hours out.
Although he wears sexy panties 24/7 and sits to pee no one else knows of his fetish, as soon as he comes home he puts on a wig, makeup and matching bra, wears a nice nightie to bed and has plenty of blouses, skirts, dresses, slacks etc.
We make love probably more than the usual but do like anal the most.
What do females think of this situation ?

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  • I love reading about straight males in lingerie and cross dressing so sexy, my man has worn panties 24/7 and a lot of female wear at home we both like it. There was previously a lot of smart arse derogatory comments but these appear to have diminished now for some time maybe they tried panties and lingerie and like it.
    Don't worry about a bit of critisism they are mostly uneducated pricks xxxx

  • Is that you Brett???

  • No this is Mandy, does this post sound like it was placed by a male ?

  • Totally acceptable my man wears lingerie at home all the time I kind of like it.

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