Arab Baby For My Wife

I watched as an Arab guy fucked my wife and put a baby in her belly. I felt helpless to try and stop him. My wife always makes me wear a condom, so I am sure the baby is his. He works at the same company as me and has already spread the story around the office.

My wife has told her girl friends, and they give smirk at me when they come over to our house. I guess I have decided that I will just live with the embarrassment of the situation. In private, I am excited when I remember him fucking her.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I like the part where her girlfriends smirk at him because they know about it.

  • The humiliation aspect is quite appealing.

  • My wife was impregnated by an Arab neighbor. She tells me he is much more well endowed than me and that she will only fuck him from now on.

  • Arabs or black guys impregnating white wives is pretty hot to think about.

  • A half breed sand nigger.

  • Nice a catholic Arab thats the way out keep up the goodness

  • Yes, just live with it. My wife got pregnant by a Japanese man while she was traveling for her job overseas (we are both black). I was stunned, but I found some of the novels she had been reading, and evidently there is actually a romance genre that focuses on Asian men/Black women. She said she didn't plan it, but I think those novels put ideas into her head. She refused to have an abortion, so we have a two year old daughter who didn't look much different form us when she was born, but now her Asian features are becoming noticeable.

    I get off on the humiliation too, I don't know why. But you decide to stay married, as I did, make sure you love the child as you would your own. It's not the child's fault.

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