How do I convince my wife:

Have read numerous stories on this site . In regards to men having there wives fuck other men. Fantasy of mine to do the same ! She has been with other men in the past since but now not interested. Need advice on how to get her to find a boyfriend/ lover to move in . Any suggestions out there?

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  • I want to convince my fiancée to let another man take her virginity, as I watch. Nothing turns me on more!

  • The way I convinced my wife was encouraging her to go out more. Telling her that it is okay for her to go clubbing with her single or divorced friends. She was going out at least once a week for several months and I never asked questions. Until one night she came home drunk and we were having sex and I was telling her she looked sexy in her dress she wore to club. I asked her how many guys checked her out and she giggled and I told her I bet they all would like to have sex with you, you’re so hot. I asked her how many approached her to dance and she she a few, and I said that’s such a turn on knowing my wife is so hot and sexy that strangers are after her. I asked her how many did you dance with and she said none she said she never dances with any guys. I said I’m not at all jealous if you do, I want you to act sexy and slutty when you go out, it’s a huge turn on and I know you come home to me. I kept up that sort of talk and she was surprised but sort of into it. Be might as she was leaving for another night out I kissed her good bye and told her I want you to act sexy tonight, really slutty, I will be thinking dirty things all night until you get back, so you’d better have some really sexy things to tell me, I want you to tease other guys and make them want you, I want you to be slutty for me. She promised she would. I kissed her and then I said, give me your panties, I want you to go out without them tonight. She was surprised but she gave them to me. I told her she’d better flirt and have some slutty stories for me when she got home. That night she told me how slutty she felt with no panties and she danced with lots of guys and one had his hand on her thigh at the bar. She said he asked her what color her panties were and she told him she didn’t have any. She was so horny we had good sex. Things progressed and after a few years dancing and flirting turned into sexier clothes and kissing and some sexting which turned into her giving BJs and being fingered.

  • Which of course turned into sex with other guys and which turned into casual dating other men. She dates other guys, more than one at a time. Right now she has two men she dates regularly but she’s had three or four in her rotation before. She only goes out twice per week usually on Wednesday night and Friday night. She doesn’t get emotionally involved much, though she does have feelings for other men. Right now therw are two guys she is dating one older and one younger. She’s 41, the younger guy is 32 and the older is 50. Usually she goes out to eat with a guy, goes dancing, goes drinking, has sex and comes home and then we have sex after she tells me about her date. I didn’t want to write this, because it always sounds fake when I read other guys stories, but she does like black guys. The 32 year old is black, she says younger black guys always approach her. She really likes tall guys because she says they usually have bigger penises and she’s attracted to tall men. She loves kissing and says the black guy’s lips are really good for that. It sort of grosses me out but turns me on at the same time.

  • Oh yeah and this one sounds so believable.

  • One of the best times we have is when we go out together but she acts single and I act like I’m just her friend. I can watch her. I’ve been the third wheel on her dates a few times and it’s a lot of fun.

    The best thing that happened from her transformation into a hot wife is her physical appearance and her sexual appetite and our sex life. When we started on this journey she was 28, chubby from having our two kids, dresses in tennis shoes and jeans and baggy t shirts. She looked like a chubby mom, a cute woman, but not sexy. She would give me oral maybe three times a year and anal maybe once a year if she was drunk and we’d have boring normal sex once a week. She started working out when she started going out, she started dressing sexy, I got her a boob job in 2010, she went from a saggy b cup to a full D. She went from a size 10, with small boobs to a size 4 with big boobs and a firm body. She dresses sexy, her hair is always done, her nails too, her pubic hair is always waxed, and she looks really hot. Much hotter today than she was in her twenties. We do everything sexually, she is onto really kinky stuff that she has learned from the other men. Spanking, tit slapping, face slapping, anal, swallowing, facials, whips, tied up, really anything goes and I love it. She has lots of lingerie and sexy clothes and she has a lot of confidence. I wouldn’t change a thing. Today is Friday, tonight she will go out at about 7 pm, and won’t be home until maybe 2:30 am, but when she comes home she will be ready to tell me about her night, she will want to have sex, she will feel really horny and she will give me sloppy seconds.

  • And let me tell you, sloppy seconds feels amazing. If you’ve ever had a sloppy seconds pussy, you know how silky and wet and loose it feels. But, even crazier and more mind blowing is sloppy anal. No warm up, little lube, just slides right it and it’s is super wet and silky.

  • Anal sloppy seconds are great too

  • Sounds like my wife.She goes out on a Friday or Saturday night comes back drunk and in the mood for sex but she's always so wet.So how do I tell if I'm having sloppy seconds???

  • Slowly put your fingers inside of her. If it feels dry chances are nothing happened. If it feels slightly slippery you might go deeper or insert your cock.You should be able to feel how loose or feels bigger and or wetter than normal and the feeling is like no other.
    It could be from her hot heavy flirting with a hot guy she met

  • Like sloppy seconds

  • Men are just as hard to convince.My hubby and I are in our late 30's.We had the chance to have fun with a younger couple,the guy early 30's,the girl late 20's.My hubby chickened out,as he's not too confident about himself.Me on the other hand,I am totally confident about myself so I joined them and had an amazing threesome.

  • Good girl.
    Tell us more

  • Tell her you'd like to experiment with your sex life and that watching her fuck another man would be a huge turn on for you.

  • Thanks

  • If you come up ideas let me know

  • My wife has started and stopped with other men, now full bore fuming black guys again. It works for us when I was very living in bed but talking about how sexy she is and how much she enjoyed other guys in the past, never push her just get remembering how much fun itvwas for her, good luck

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