I LOVE giving oral and dream of doing double with a female

I have come to find out that I absolutely LOVE to give oral, whether it's to a man or a woman. Preferably a man, but I like both.
I love taking a huge, stiff cock down my throat. I could do it for hours if I had the chance to and take every inch with delight. I like choking, gagging, drooling, you name it. The feel of it on my tongue and lips is unbeatable. Until I think of eating pussy in detail and then it is matched.
When I think of sucking a big cock I get completely lost in the idea and it's pretty much the same every time: I'm on my knees on the floor with hands tied behind my back and a random, faceless man's body standing right in front of me with a huge, thick penis at eye level. I imagine him making me open wide to stick out my tongue. When I do, he slides his cock across my tongue, occasionally stuffing it halfway in my mouth or In my cheek and pulling it out making a "pop" sound like in "pop goes the weasel." Then I imagine another woman coming into the picture and in the same position as me on the floor all tied up and opening wide. I then fantasize about me and the other woman on each side of his cock and he is making us just slide our lips and tongues up and down the sides of his shaft. This really turns me on and I fantasize deeper into the visual of it, his thick shaft all shiny with our slobber. The veins in his cock throbbing and bulging as our wet tongues glide along the sides and bottom of every vein and spit is dripping down on the floor and down our chins onto our big tits and puffy nipples. I imagine the head of his cock turning red, then slightly purple as he is close to shooting his load for us. As he gets closer and closer to bursting, both of us women are slightly taking a little tiny bit of his near-bursting cock head into our mouths and sensually kissing the tip and making sexy kissing sounds and still sliding our mouths up and down and up and down his rock hard cock. And finally, he groans loudly with pleasure as he sprays load after load afer load of hot, juicy cum straight up in the air, stream after stream and we are still just licking and kissing his cock.
Then there is the female version of this, where I imagine myself and another woman licking and sucking on another woman's pussy together. I go into the same details, but specifically I'm sucking on one labia and pussy lip and the other woman is doing the same to the other lips and we are pulling simultaneously while the lucky make believe woman is moaning and squirting a huge gushing orgasm in our faces.

I literally cannot stop thinking about either scenario. I guess I'll have to make both of them happen so I can see if I stop fantasizing about it.


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  • Don't suck but will let you put my dick in your mouth

  • I love sucking cock. Even when I was younger, it was the best way to make friends.

  • Well shit! Wish you were here with me and my wife right now..... you could teach her a thing or two about getting it done! You sound like a fun little slut and you should go make that happen IMO.

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