Can I get paid to share my fetishes?

I love having my specific fetishes, like having my pussy and asshole flogged, or getting a spanking session, or getting off in front of strangers. Is there a website or a place I can do this for people who will pay me?

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  • Romans 6:23

  • Potheads 4:20

  • Getting paid to perform sexual acts is the very definition of a whore, whore. Go down to whore street with the other crackwhores, and stop pretending like you are something better than a fucking whore.

  • Why are you even here?

  • Come to my house in llanbradach

  • Shit your a real dope Gareth, you really need castrating you prick.

  • Web cams..... pick a site and join.

  • Go on Fetlife. I get good money for kink. Men mostly want me to be a Domme, but you can get paid for any of it.

  • I wanna know more

  • Fetlife is a great site! (Well, aside from the couple that raped and murdered that young girl). You can meet a lot of people who are intona lot of fun things. Normal people who have your shared kinks. I have a group of woman now and we all meet once a week and eat dinner together then after have a few glasses of wine and lick the kitties. Nothing better than that!

  • You just let me know when you have the next opening sweetheart

  • Sure is. Just head down to the corner of First and Main street, or wherever the crack whores hang out in your city. You might be surprised what guys will pay you to do.

  • No frigin way goon

  • Yeah, look into Chaturbate

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