Is it ok?

Is it bad that I want my dad to be ok with me asking him if I can suck his dick, because I've seen it before, only once when I was little.. He forgot his towel from showering and I saw him walk into the hallway, naked, and saw his dick flopping around and, now I want to suck it, is it ok???

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  • Nope.

  • Yes how old are you sweetie..

  • I would get him to take you out on a car ride, and wear a short dress without any panties . If you want to suck his cock, I'm sure that he will want to eat your pussy and fuck you to. While driving be honest and tell him that you want to suck his cock, turn your back against the passenger window, put your feet up on the seat then spread them wide open and start masturbating. Talk dirty and tell him that you want him to eat your pussy. I did this when I was 13 years old to my favorite uncle, and believe me it worked very well. I have been in love with my uncle for years and I let him take my virginity. We can never have a regular relationship, only secret sex

  • If you are a girl, of course it's okay. If you are a boy, you need to get some pyschiatric help because you should be wanting to suck on your moms pussy.

  • How old are you chicken..

  • No it's not ok. Incest.

  • Depends on how old you are. If you're 16+ then there's nothing wrong with it. You're both consenting adults.

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