Obsessed with a boy ...

I volunteered at a summer camp as a counselor this summer, and met this sweet boy there, that I cannot stop thinking about. I have a few pictures of him from the camp, and I masturbate at them several times a day.
We are kinda "friends", and keep emailing each other, and I fantasize about what will happen next year, when I see him at camp next year.

I never thought I could be gay before ... never had a girlfriend, but did experience all the "right" feelings to some of the girls in my grade, etc.
And I am not interested in other boys (I don't think), just this one ... I am obsessed with him, and can't think about much else.

I am 19, he is 13 ... I know it is totally illegal and stuff, but can't stop thinking about him.


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  • God so many negative comments.
    I was 13 when our neighbor who was at the time 54when I ended up giving my ass to him and I fell in love with the feeling of him breeding me. It's all O thought about when we weren't together and at times when others were in his house I always flirted with him getting him all worked up, but then as soon as we were alone he came onto me big time taking his horniest out on me, no wonder I loved his co ck in me deep.

  • I wud enjoy watching u masturbate over him. I wuld lick u out and listen to your fantasy of him

  • I would totally discourage you to move forward. This would be flirting with disaster. Walk away and move on. This is totally wrong wrong wrong

  • You are a sick homosexual pedaphile. The only cure for your ailment is death. I hope you are cured very soon.

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