I got puked on during a hookup!!!

Last week I went home with a guy friend I'd been flirting with for a while. We never hooked up or anything but knew it was gonna happen that night . We both had a bit to drink but I wasn't super drunk or anything, it didn't seem like he was.

We went to his place and kissed and undressed on the couch. I pulled off his shorts and began giving him a blowjob. He wasn't really hard but I figured the alcohol didn't help. He was in my mouth and I thought I heard him moaning, so I went even deeper when I heard a belch followed by what felt like a gallon of water dumped on my head--he threw up beer and bar food on me. I froze and didn't even have time to react when he literally did it on me again. I was crying and swearing up a storm but I got him to the bathroom by the toilet and I got in the shower. After I borrowed some clothes, got him to bed, and we both passed out.

He was humiliated the next day, but he took me out to breakfast and I got over it pretty easy. We hooked up a few more times but never clicked for a relationship. Honestly, though, I think the whole thing just gets funnier with time :)

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  • Did nearly the same thing. Met a sweet and pretty girl at the club. Take her to her place and we make out. The club had a ton of smoke and I was allergic. I’d been swallowing phlegm all night. Apparently enough to make me sick. The allergies were better but the alcohol and phlegm made me sick - while we are making out. That ended that.
    So embarrassing
    She didn’t return my calls. No surprise

  • It was an accident. Roll with it. Things aren't always perfect. I once was in a threesome with a friend and her bf when he silently farted and it caused us to stop, open the windows, and air out the room. Sometimes bodies get nasty in more ways than one.

  • Lol, good point. I once farted while I had an orgasm while getting oral. Of course it was super loud too.

  • You should punch him in the face at least once.

  • No. :(

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