Mom’s Drunk Boyfriend

I was laying down in my mom’s bed as I often do when she’s working graveyard shift. I was starting to fall asleep until I heard the front door open, followed by footsteps down the hallway, then my mom’s older boyfriend comes staggering into the room. He’s clearly drunk. He and my mom were arguing earlier in the day. He starts saying my mom’s name. He forgot she was at work. I laid there quietly as he kept saying I’m sorry then my mom’s name. It’s nearly pitch black in the room, so his drunk self probably couldn’t see me. He put his hand on my stomach, and continues apologizing and saying he was wrong, and blabbering. I don’t know why I didn’t say anything but I just laid there as he moved his hand up and down my stomach. Then he leaned in and kissed my neck, and though his breath smelled of alcohol I kept quiet as he continued and his hands slowly made it downward and under my panties. I started moaning while also thinking what am I doing? I should say something. But I let it continue. I guess part of me was enjoying it. I moaned louder as he played with my clit and fingered me. This went on a while till I was startled when I realized his cock was in my hand and I was jerking him off! I don’t recall if I took it out or if he placed it in my hands. A few minutes later he dropped his pants, got on top of me and ripped my buttoned top open and starting sucking on my tits. Omg he was like a freaking vacuum! At first it hurt my nipples but that pain quickly turned to pleasure. Meanwhile I felt his old boner pressing against my pussy as he thrusted. I couldn’t believe this was happening. But I was enjoying it oddly so I couldn’t call it rape. He then sat up, put my legs over his head, took my panties off then moved down and started sucking my clit, just as hard as he did my nipples. Then he shoved his tongue and his nose deep into my pussy like he was trying to lick my ovaries! Omg I understand now why my mom has been dating this guy even though he’s in his fifties! After a few minutes of that, he moved up and sucked my tits again as he slid his old cock into my super wet pussy. It was so freaking wet he went in balls deep first thrust and I barely felt it, and not because he was small. A few thrusts and I did start to feel his cock sliding in and out and he moved faster and faster until his hairy balls were slapping me so loud I was worried the neighbors would hear it! Meanwhile his hairy gut was forcing me into the bed it felt like the mattress was going to spilt. It was hard to breathe yet for some reason this turned me on. I had yet to be fucked anywhere near this hard but then I was young still so only had sex a few times. I kept thinking holy shit how am I enjoying it, this dude is more than twice my age! After a good while, he sat up, grabbed my left leg and moved me over to my stomach. I felt the tip of his cock press against my butthole and was about stop him till I felt his hot cum shoot deep into my ass like a damn firehose! He slid his cock halfway into my butthole and out a few times until he had emptied his load. He leaned forward so his body was against mine, his soaked cock resting in my buttcrack, kissed my neck a few more times and whispered into my ear “thanks Erica, let’s do this again sometime, huh?” Then he got up, put his clothes on and left. Holy shit!! He knew it was me! How long did he know? A few minutes after he left I tried to move but quickly stopped when my ass literally made splashing noise. Omg how much did he cum? It felt like a gallon! I scooted over to the edge of the bed, rolled over slowly to let it drain into the ground. It sounded like I poured a glass of water! I rushed to the bathroom to clean myself then scrubbed the floor in my moms room where the puddle of cum was.

A few days later, my mom’s boyfriend cane over for dinner. While mom washed dishes I pulled him aside and asked him when did he realize it was me, not my mom? To my shock he laughed and said baby I didn’t come over that night to see your mom, I knew she was working all night.


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  • I don’t let my brother fuck my pussy. Only my butthole. It can be messy sometimes but I kmow he loves it. He tries to wait a week without cumming so it’s a lot. My ass gapes and the cum gets mixed with my waste.

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