Turns me on to discuss wife's sexual past

My wife is an incredibly attractive redhead with a gorgeous face and body, I guess that's what caught my eye and attracted me to her. After we were married I asked my wife to tell me about some of the other guys she had been with. She reluctantly agreed and finally told me about having a sexual encounter with a "friend" who had actually been over to our place a few times and introduced to me as an old "friend". I was extremely pissed at first but also had a hard cock while she told me what they did with each other. Many years have gone by and I have also found out about several other guys that she cheated with while she was married to her ex-husband. I love to hear these stories, they turn me on like crazy and am wondering if any other husbands enjoy hearing of their wifes ex lovers? She was a less innocent than I thought she was, kinda makes me mad but incredibly hard at the same time. Would love to hear from other guys who have similar thoughts, perhaps share some stories and swap a few pics?


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  • My wife also had a very busy sexual past I would love some one to talk to about it. If you are interested

  • Absolutely, love to hear from you! ..Daveroth64@gmail.com

  • Give women a little free time and she’ll be after all sorts of cocks. At that point they are not very picky just whoever they run into wherever they are at usually does it. Before me and my wife got serious she admitted seeing several guys on the side. She had no idea if I wanted to get serious or not. She would wait for them to call her and she would have sexual with them. One night I was invited to a Happy Hour downtown and told her I was unsure if I would go. Who do I run into around 11:30 all tipsy? Her and two black guys walking out. That’s when we had our little conversation on where we were taking our relationship

  • My boyfriend like's hearing about my sexual past too.

  • Will you share one of the scenarios that turned him on the most?

  • Would you care to share what you may have told him that turned him on the most?

  • I live in a small town and was promiscuous when I was younger, (partied a lot), My now boyfriend was just a guy friend back then and knew I had a lot of boyfriends.

  • Would love to hear more..my e-mail is above if you would care to share some of your stories?

  • It's incredibly exciting!

  • I think we all have mixed feelings about are wife's cheating , Firstly anger then you feel sick to your stomach , sometimes once you've got passed this the thoughts can turn you on no end . Personally I trusted my wife 100% that she would never cheat on me she never seemed the type , Thats not to say she didn't look good because she did . She always wore high heels and short skirts she looked good , But never really showed any interest in any one so I trusted her looking sexy . One night when we was making love I asked her if she had ever cheated on me , She hesitated then said no , I said it's ok it would turn me on thinking it was nothing . It took a while but she finally told me and this totally shocked me , She reminded me of a night when she got home late . She said it was the last dance of the night and this guy asked her to dance they kissed a few times , He offered to walk her home but they ended up at his house . She said once they was in his house before she new what was happening she was naked all but her shoes , He insisted she kept them on because she looked slutty , She said they was having sex when the door opened It was his brother standing there naked . My wife said when he had finished his brother replaced him after that they both took a second turn , I was in shock but turned on .

  • Being angry and jealous are part of the thrill of hearing about her sexual encounters

  • That would definitely turn me on as well! I would have been so hard to hear her confession!

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